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Join The Staten Island Basketball Association And Get To Show Off Your Skills

Join The Staten Island Basketball Association And Get To Show Off Your Skills

Basketball, a sport that has gained universal recognition for its skills and techniques. The game has given birth to well-known and popular legends and public figures. Over the years, basketball has gained much fame for the National Basketball Association or NBA.

Benefits of basketball

This popular ball game comes with many amounts of health benefits.It develops physical fitness like any other sports. This intense, fast-pacing action sport will help you develop speed, hand-eye coordination, and build endurance in the cardiovascular system. The movement of going back and forth at a fast pace with help in lower-body fitness, while defending, shooting and passing help in the upper-body fitness. Playing basketball will give you the chance to control your body weight. If you weigh around 170lbs, you get to burn 617 calories per hour, while playing basketball. The Staten Island Basketball League holds indoor basketball sessions every twice a year for middle-aged men from 30 to 60. The surrounding safe as there is not much of harshness of the pollution and the sun.

Join the team

When you want to give yourself the chance of reliving your dream to play basketball, the Staten Island Basketball group will give you the opportunity to show off your skills and shoot the ball inside the hoop. The group comprises individuals from different fields in the industry; you join in a friendly and sometimes competitive match, to show their love, passion, and aggression in the game of basketball. The Basketball Staten Island league has been established and founded by Craig Raucher, a man who is kind. He has motivated many individuals to believe in their passion and get enjoy a piece of the ballgame.

Live your dream

For years the 80-year-old gym door has been letting over 400 players, to come regularly and play the game of ball every twice a week. They hold the practice and matches at a Public School in the Greater Hills neighborhood, and everyone leaves with a smile in their face, with the confidence to back again.

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