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Craig Raucher: The Business Expert And A Basketball Lover

Involved in the transportation industry for a long time, this man has held the leadership position with many big companies and gave them reputation and fame within a short time. This man is known to do wonders in whatever work, he aims to put his heart at and brings out the best in all of them. He oversaw a large-scale reorganization method, which involved integrating several foreign and domestic functions, through a single service provider. His coordinated actions have enabled him to develop an effective sales team, which later expanded and achieved millions in overall corporate growth.

Get to know him

Served as a prominent business executive for four large-scale organization, in 30 years, Craig Raucher has earned is respect and reputation because of his outstanding knowledge of business and trading. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the year 1975, he first joined the DHL Airways and help it achieve the esteem reputation, as the largest and respected international courier company in the world. In the following five years, he joined hands with Skynet serving as the Vice-president of the company, within five years; he transformed the young enterprise into a $50million organization. The man is known for knowledge and intelligence, which he carries with him through his experience.

Love for basketball

After facing knee surgery at 59, Craig Raucher did not stop believing and loving the game of basketball. Since he loved and the game so much, he founded a major basketball league for individuals 30 to 60 years of age. He has motivated and inspired many people through his experience and work, for which he and his basketball association stands in the top of the rankings. The game involves both competitive and friendly platform and individuals get to show off their skills.

Final verdict

With a mind of a businessperson and a heart of basketball lover, he has made himself known through his hard work and dedication. He earned his reputation and recognition with the aim to reach his goal and gain success along the way.

on April 2 at 10:52

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