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Growth Opportunities in Rat Model Market

The Global Rat Model Market is expected to reach the US $ 588.9 million, growing at a CAGR of 8.7%

Continuous support in the form of investments and grants, and personalized medicine fueling the demand for personalized humanized rat models are some of the factors driving the growth of the rat model market. The rat model market is expanding with the increase in R&D activities in pharmaceutical industries.

These rat models are being used in many applications such as toxicology, oncology, diabetes, neurology, immunology and infectious diseases, and others (rare disease, cardiovascular, metabolic disease, hematopoiesis, and regenerative medicines).


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The development of advanced rat genome manipulation techniques (such as the creation of transgenic rats and knockout rats), drives the global rat model market.

Preclinical animal models, such as mice and rats that are used to predict drug efficacy and toxicity in humans, are needed. Rats are commonly used due to their genetic similarity to humans as well as their unlimited supply and ease of manipulation. Knockout rats are produced by inactivating/silencing or “knocking out” an existing gene and replacing it with an artificial piece of DNA, thereby resulting in the loss of gene activity.

Rat Model Market segmentation:

· based on the model type

· based on service

· based on therapeutic area

· based on technology

· based on care product

· based on end users

Geographical Detailed Analysis for Rat Model Market:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Rest of the World


Toxicology is the study of adverse effects of chemical, physical, or biological agents on people, animals, and the environment. Rats are predominantly used in the toxicity and safety assessment studies of a drug substance. Other animals that are used in these studies include mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Toxicology testing in animals is required to prove that the new drugs are safe before their administration in humans. A high proportion of new drugs fail in the preclinical stage is due to the unacceptable toxicity in animals.


Rat models recapitulate various aspects of genesis, progression, and clinical course of human cancers. Hence, they act as ideal study models for cancer researchers engaged in a variety of basic, translational, clinical, and epidemiological investigations.

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The Major Players Operating in the Rat Model Market:

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (U.S.), Taconic Biosciences, Inc. (U.S.), Envigo (U.K.), Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (U.S.), Biomere (U.S.), Janvier Labs (France), genOway SA (France), and Horizon Discovery Group plc (U.K.) are some of the key players in the rat model market worldwide.

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc., dominated the global rat model and services market with a share of around 42.0%. The company has aggressively adopted the acquisition strategy. It acquired seven companies in the last four years to improve its production and distribution capabilities as well as to strengthen its products and service portfolio.

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