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Silage Film Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025

Silage Film Market: Overview


Silage is a fermented fodder which is having high moisture and can be fed to sheep, cattle, and various other animals. It can be made from many field crops. It can be produced by placing green vegetation in a silo or a pit, compressed as much as possible leaving little oxygen access, and covered by a thin polymeric sheet or a film. The polymeric sheet which is used to cover the vegetation is referred to as silage film. The silage film became an integral part of animal nutrition, as it facilitated the formation of perfect silage. It is essential to employ best quality silage films for the proper transformation of grass and other green vegetation into silage.


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Silage films are also utilized in farmlands for the protection and storage of forage, corn, and hay in areas where the growth period of grass is short. A collection of silage, forage, hay, and maize using silage films helps in their easy transportation and delivery of silage feed. Silage films also act as protectors, since they keep the feed under proper conditions to facilitate controlled anaerobic fermentation.


Silage Film Market: Dynamics and Trends


Rising demand for silage films from animal husbandries is significantly driving the silage film market. Milk-giving animals such as cow and buffalo have to be properly fed to meet the increasing demand for milk from various developing economies. The silage which is fed to the milk-giving animals must be properly contained, to enhance the nutritious components.


Lighter and durable films are likely to facilitate the proper collection and the preservation of silage and restricts the access of sunlight and oxygen. Increasing demand for these kind of films are propelling the number of innovations, thereby driving the market significantly.


Silage Film Market: Segmentation


In terms of type, the silage film market can be segmented into monolayer films and multilayer films. Monolayer films and multilayer films have their advantages; however, the multilayer films segment is estimated to marginally dominate the market due to the high restriction from the environmental oxygen than monolayer films. Multilayer films are more durable, protective, and can be used in harsh environmental conditions. Many developments are being carried out to improve the stability and durability of monolayer silage films. Increasing developments of monolayer films are projected to propel the rapid expansion of the monolayer film segment.


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In terms of material, the silage film market can be segmented into linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) segment is anticipated to have a major share of the market, in terms of market size. The HDPE segment is likely to dominate the market due to high thermal stability, thickness, chemical resistance, and impact strength of HDPE films.


Silage Film Market: Geographical Overview


Currently, Asia Pacific (APAC) is estimated to be an emerging market for silage films. Demand for silage films is likely to rise as most countries present in the region depend on agriculture. This, in turn, is estimated to drive the market.


Middle East & Africa (MEA) is also projected to hold a major share of the global silage film market. Agricultural production in the region is very low due to the lack of water resources. This leads to the increased need for protection of available greenery from the harsh environmental conditions.


Silage Film Market: Key players


Key players operating in the global silage film market include The Dow Chemical Company, ExxonMobil Corporation, BASF SE, Berry Plastics Group, Inc., RKW Group, Kuraray Co. Ltd., Grupo Armando Alvarez, RPC Group Plc., BARBIER GROUP, and Coveris Holdings S.A.

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