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Protein Sequencing Market Global Strategic Business Report 2022

The global protein sequencing market size was valued at USD 794.8 million in 2021, at a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period 2022-2028. Protein sequencing is a common de novo sequencing technique for determining and analyzing amino acid sequences from mass spectra. Researchers can use this method to learn about protein structure. Protein sequencing is a high-throughput proteomic technology that has a variety of uses. Target-based drug discovery is one of the most well-known applications. Protein sequencing is done using a variety of experimental and computational methods, including Edman degradation and Mass Spectrometry. Many biotechnology and pharmaceutical businesses are investing heavily in protein sequencing as a tool for medication development.

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A prominent driver driving the market is biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies' increased focus on target-based medication development efforts in various developing and developed regions. Recent developments in de novo peptide sequencing and analytical technologies, together with the use of neural networks, have opened up new business opportunities. A good example is technological advancements in mass spectrometers. Proteomics research funding is increasing in a number of emerging and developed countries, which is supporting the market. A crucial factor driving the rapid expansion of the protein sequencing industry is the growing demand for protein biomarkers in the drug discovery and development. Furthermore, the expensive expense of equipment and infrastructure, also including mass spectrometers, limits the use of protein sequencing methods. The market is also being boosted by the increasing use of protein sequencing techniques to detect new peptides in human antibodies and antigens. Furthermore, in some regions of the world, a lack of suitable technological competence and laboratory facilities are preventing the market from reaching its full potential. Nonetheless, advances in technology for detecting isobaric residues in protein sequences are likely to open up a huge business opportunity in the worldwide protein sequencing market.

The global Protein Sequencing Market Segmentation:
 1) By Products & Services: Consumables, Instruments, Software, and Protein Sequencing Services. 
2)By Technology: Edman Degradation, Mass Spectrometry. 
 3) Application (Biotherapeutics, Genetic Engineering, Others.
 4) End-user: Academic Institutes & Research Centers, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies, Contract research Organizations (CROs).
 In the protein sequencing market, North America has huge potential. Emerging research and development expenditures of leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses have fueled significant growth in regional revenues over the assessment period. Furthermore, some governmental and commercial institutions have made significant investments in proteome research. The regional demand is being bolstered by players' increased attention on structure-based medication creation and the introduction of technologically enhanced analytical tools utilized in protein sequencing.

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The major key players in the protein sequencing market are Agilent Technologies, Inc. (US) QIAGEN N.V. (Netherlands) Rapid Novor (Canada) Charles River Laboratories (US) Selvita (Poland) SGS S.A. (Switzerland), BGI Group( China) Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.(U.S) Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.(Canada) Proteome Factory AG (Germany) Shimadzu Corporation (Japan)

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