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What is Variance

We have described some of the terms before but in this article we want to focus on some terms that not even experience players know about. The term given to Low, Medium or High Variance slots is crucial for you, as a player, to do well when you play online slots.
Low Variance

As the name suggest, variance in slots will have to do with the form they payout. A Low Variance slot machine will have little surprises for both the casino and the player. The payouts come fairly often but at modest amounts. These games are designed to make player’s bankroll last longer and occasionally have them take in some winnings. You can identify these games by a number of factors, especially by what the maximum total jackpot amounts it has.
High Variance

The High Variance slots are, on the other hand, very unpredictable. They have a very sporadic form of paying out. These games can go on for very long streaks without paying out any significant sum. But then, during a bonus round or free spin, the game can pay over 100 times the original bet. These games present higher risk for players and the casino, the former because can quickly lose their bankroll without getting anything back, the latter when a player comes for a few spins and hits a huge jackpot and cashes out.
Medium Variance

The Medium Variance slots are those that fall in between the two mentioned categories. These usually pay out decently at semi-regular intervals.

We’ll have more to say about this in articles to come. But for now start looking at advertised High Risk Slots if you want to make big profits at high risks; or look for Low Risk slots if you want to play longer with small chances of making significant profit.
Posted by Mino Tower in Member Videos on September 12 at 7:19

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