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Britain's PM Johnson Attends Vigil For the Two Victims of the London Bridge Attack

▶️ Vigils were held, Monday, December 2, to pay tribute to the two people killed in the London Bridge attack on Friday. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and London's mayor Sadi Khan attended the vigil in Guildhall Yard, in the heart of the City of London, held to honor the dead, those injured, the emergency services and the members of the public who intervened. The girlfriend of Jack Merritt, 25, who died along with 23-year old Saskia Jones, arrived in tears at a vigil in Cambridge. 👉 The victims were both former students active in a program on prisoner rehabilitation, were killed, Friday, November29, when Usman Khan went on the rampage with kitchen knives at a conference about the program beside London Bridge. When Usman Khan left prison last December after serving half of a 16-year sentence for his part in a plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange, and for planning to establish a terror training camp in Pakistan, he was thought to be making good progress towards being de-radicalized and was seen as a poster boy for Britain’s rehabilitation programs. Cambridge University, which ran one of the programs Khan attended, was even considering offering him a place to study. But now following 28-year-old’s dramatic knife attack Friday on London Bridge during a university-sponsored justice event, which left two people dead and three seriously injured, the early release of convicted terrorists, as well as de-radicalization programs, are coming under immediate scrutiny amid accusations that militants are gaming the rehabilitation system and hoodwinking authorities. (VOA/Reuters/AP) ------ LINK: https://www.voanews.com/europe/terror-attack-has-britons-questioning-de-radicalization-effort

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