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Biography: Robin Meredith Casey

Hi folks. How is everybody doing today? I thought I would take some time out, to introduce myself, I am Robin Meredith Casey, founder of RobinsPost.com. I was born in Costa Rica on May 20, 1966. Both my parents were in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica training for service. My parents were very active and believed that helping others would change the world. My mom was born in Brooklyn, New York and my dad was born in Portland, Oregon. Both were teachers in their early days. My dad was a history teacher at Leeward Community College in Pearl City, Hawaii. My mom taught courses in New York but later became a state planner in Hawaii.

After I was born in Costa Rica, we stayed there for the three weeks and moved on to Mexico City and moved in with my grandma for a while. My grandma she also was a teacher who was teaching English in Mexico City at the time. It was a good thing my grandpa was nearby Costa Rica, as I was just a baby, and it would have been hard to raise me there in the middle of their Peace Corps training. I was baptized in Mexico City.

My dad had a hard time accepting the fact that he was a father, he became overwhelmed with added responsibilities, so my mom and dad separated and got divorced. My mom went back to Brooklyn New York with my dad for a while, where they both taught courses. My dad stayed around for a while to help us out and then moved to Hawaii. After living in Hawaii for a few months my dad recommended that we move to Hawaii for me. So we moved to Hawaii. My dad was missing me and wanted me closer to him.

I started school in Hawaii when I was four years old. I went to kindergarten, grade school, intermediate school, high school and received valedictorian honor upon graduating Academy of the Pacific high school. In high school, on weekends, I would fly gliders with the Civil Air Patrol. When I turned 18 they tried to get me to join the Air Force, but that was not for me. I was a cadet in Civil Air Patrol for a year. I also did some modeling after school. Participated in fashion shows, and did photography work as well. After high school I attended college in received my liberal arts degree at Leeward Community College. I found college to be really hard after high school so I stopped going after I got my AA degree.

My first job I was a lifeguard at the YMCA in Hawaii. I love the water, enjoy swimming, sailing, fishing and of course hot tubs. I spent a lot of time on Hawaii beaches and really miss it now that I live in Washington state. While I was a lifeguard I got other jobs too. I landed a nonspeaking part in the series Jake and the Fat Man. I was the receptionist in their office scenes from day one. It was really exciting working on the show.

After the show moved to the mainland I became interested in behind-the-scenes work. I operated live TV studio cameras. I worked for a religious station and a CBS affiliate station in Hawaii. I also won a grant from a community television station which enabled me to start my own TV show called Sea Breeze. Sea Breeze was about water sports in Hawaii. I really loved going on boats to shoot water sports events. Advertising budgets were tight and I could not keep my show going.

I got married in 1996 to a man from New Zealand. We met at Hawaii Yacht Club while I was racing sailboats and he was sailing up from New Zealand. After we got married, we stayed in Hawaii for about 6 months. We were finding it very difficult to live there, as Hawaii is very expensive. So we moved to Santa Monica, California. That was a struggle too. It was really hard to find studio camera work and my husband took on hard warehouse jobs. After being in Santa Monica for 6 months we decided to move to Ventura, California. That was an improvement for us. Until rent started going up dramatically. I asked my cousin in Eugene, Oregon if we could stay with her for a while. She said yes! It was good to connect with my family on my Dad's side.

We explored the northwest and decided to give Vancouver, Washington a try. My husband got a job in a boat store and I went to school at the International Air Academy. It was mainly training to work in the travel industry. I did not get a job in the travel industry, because at the time all the jobs that were being offered by the airlines were away from the coast. We both like being on the coast. But anyway, my husband got a job in Brookings, Oregon where we stayed for 3 years. In Brookings, there was not a lot of opportunity for me. Most of the jobs were very hard labor type jobs. So, I dipped into my IRA and bought a COMPUTER! This was the start of my many online businesses.

It has been a hard learning curve having and doing an online business. Learning to build web sites, marketing and product development. I have had some failures and some successes. It has definitely been a roller coaster ride. Well that is a little bit about me. I hope I did not bore you too much. I will write more later.