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Economy News Why The Fed%E2%80%99s Powell Is Not Satisfied With The Economy That Biden Is Celebrating | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Our Economy Isn’t ‘Goldilocks.’ It’s Better.

So declared Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve ... when the news is good on just about all fronts? Contrary to what you may have heard, this is not a “Goldilocks economy ... Read More

Biden touts economic success, but poll shows Americans don't agree

President Biden has recently touted economic success, but according to a Gallup poll, many Americans don’t feel satisfied with federal taxes, wealth distribution and the economy. Read More

How a Strong Economy May Not Work for Biden or Trump in 2024

Certainly, the improving economy – and most importantly an inflation rate that is trending back to the Federal Reserve’s desired ... with which to bash Biden. Not that the Republicans lack ... Read More

Biden Targets a New Economic Villain: Shrinkflation

Liberals prodded the president for years to blame big corporations for price increases. He is finally doing so, in the grocery aisle. Read More

Fed Chair Jerome Powell shares why central bank hasn't yet cut interest rates, even as inflation falls

Why not cut the rates now? Jerome Powell: Well we have a strong economy ... was appointed to the Fed by Barack Obama, made chairman by Donald Trump and retained by Joe Biden. Read More

People feel better about the economy but not about Biden

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell ... convinced about economic improvements, the poll shows. This does not bode well for Biden, who, despite seizing the upward trend in the economy in an effort ... Read More

Why Biden is losing to Trump in the polls despite a ‘booming’ economy

The Federal Reserve ... may explain why Biden is struggling when he should be thriving. First, below the headline economic numbers are indicators the overall economy may not be strong or ... Read More

Powell tells ’60 Minutes’ the economy’s strength allows Fed to be careful about rate cuts

Federal Reserve ... the economy strong…we feel like we can approach the question of when to begin to reduce interest rates carefully,” Powell said, in an interview aired on CBS News ... Read More

WATCH: Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell on committee’s latest take on the economy

Yet it may not provide much of a hint about when — or how fast — it will do so. Though Fed officials ... Chair Jerome Powell may stress in a news conference Wednesday. The economy remains ... Read More

The Fed's Powell will have to play politics to keep his job

US ECONOMY GREW FASTER THAN EXPECTED DURING THE 4TH QUARTER Why wait until after ... has publicly pledged to replace Powell. Thus, Powell’s future at the Fed depends on Biden’s reelection. Read More

Fed rate cuts may not come until summer at the earliest

I’m happy to say that,” Powell said. “In the fourth quarter of ‘21, it became clear that inflation was not transitory ... the Chinese economy, federal debt and risks in the commercial ... Read More

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