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World EV Day: what can we learn about electric cars from around the world? - It’s the day we celebrate global EV usage ‒ so when better to take a look at the electrifying projects that have been ...

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After more than 100 million Capital One customers had their information exposed in a March 2019 cyberattack, plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit argued that convicted hacker Paige Thompson couldn't have accessed Capital One's cloud computing systems if adequate cybersecurity protections were in place.

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Apple just launched the Apple Watch Series 8, which means you might be wondering whether it's time to upgrade. The Series 8 introduces temperature sensing and car crash detection, along with a refreshed processor.

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Amazon unveiled its latest Echo Dot smart speaker at its annual hardware event on Wednesday. The updated Dot should sound better than ever with a redesigned audio architecture, and it's also capable of functioning as a Wi-Fi mesh extender for Eero routers. If you're yet to go all in on mesh routers, Amazon is giving…

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This story is part of Gift Guide, our year-round collection of the best gift ideas. Great gifts for chefs, foodies and home cooks come in many forms. And the best gift for one type of food fanatic may not hit the same for another. Experienced home cooks often have all the cookware and kitchen gear…

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