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The US is looking to reengage in a region where China has been steadily expanding its influence. The United States says it has agreed on a partnership with the Pacific Islands that offers the prospect of “big dollar” help to a region where China has been expanding its influence.
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The visit to Howard was part of Vice President Harris’ trip to Japan to attend the funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which included a stop in Yokosuka to interact with Sailors and families.
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The Defense Department today announced an additional $1.1 billion in aid to Ukraine that is part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. An array of important warfighting equipment is included in the package, but one portion is aimed at supporting Ukraine's defense needs long-term, a senior defense official said during a background briefing today.
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The leaks hit the Nord Stream I pipeline, which has been shut down completely since early September, and its planned twin Nord Stream II. | Danish Defence Command, via AP U.S. and European officials are increasingly pointing toward sabotage as the cause of two explosions that caused massive leaks from natural gas pipelines out of…
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Via Teleconference (September 27, 2022) 8:10 P.M. EDT SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  Thank you.  Thanks, everyone, for joining.  I know it’s later in the evening for those of us in the U.S.  And sorry, again, for starting a little bit late.  So, this is the NSC press background call to preview the first U.S.-Pacific Island Country Summit.
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The remnants of Hurricane Camille (1969), which made landfall on the Gulf Coast as a Category 5 storm and still packed a powerful punch by the time it reached Richmond, Va., where this photo was taken. Universal Images Group/Getty Images
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