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Even if you're working by yourself in your pajamas, there are still times when you need a hard copy of a document. Having a home office printer is still incredibly handy despite the near ubiquity of digital displays -- from phones to TVs to laptops. And if you're still working remotely, a speedy, dependable printer can be invaluable. However, shopping…

The Suicide Squad is a week away! The trailers got us primed for an absurd, violent and signature James Gunn adventure, and now The Suicide Squad is finally closing in. The DC film about a group of convicts who take on a suicidal mission arrives on Friday, Aug. 5, a day earlier than expected on the big screen and…

This small, textured arch is in the Gale Crater on Mars, as seen by NASA's Curiosity rover. We like to marvel at large natural rock arches on Earth. Well, there's a tiny version on Mars and it's just as delightful. NASA's Curiosity rover got a good look at a weirdly textured little rock formation that's…

Netflix has thousands of movies and shows in its catalog, but scrolling is exhausting. You can find a bunch of movies, documentaries and binge-worthy original shows like Bridgerton, Stranger Things, The Crown, Shadow and Bone, Mindhunter and more all on Netflix. But with all that content to choose from, it's easy to get stuck in…

The Senate could pass the bill before its August recess begins. A group of senators has finalized the text of a bipartisan bill on infrastructure, which includes billions of dollars to ensure that all Americans can access broadband. The move, which comes after months of wrangling, sets the stage for passage of the roughly $1 trillion…

This is what the Nauka module looked like before it launched to space. Last week, the International Space Station welcomed a new Russian-built laboratory module. It docked on Thursday, but later "inadvertently and unexpectedly" fired its thrusters, throwing the station out of orientation. That was a worrisome event, but everything is fine in orbit now…