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Economy News The Us Economy Needs Immigrants A Rising Share Of Both Democrats And Republicans Don T Want Them | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Expert: U.S. economy needs immigrants

While Congress continues to search for a solution at the border, some are wondering if the expulsion of undocumented immigrants could have a negative impact on the economy. Read More

Americans aren't having enough kids. That's bad news for the economy — and immigration may be the answer.

Immigration can help the US The US population isn’t contracting yet — but low birth rates in other developed countries is a reminder of what may lie down the road. One factor the world's largest ... Read More

Many Americans Believe the Economy Is Rigged

The economy is driven by greed and shot with uncertainty. That’s what Americans said in more than 30 small-group discussions in the past two years. Read More

New data shows why the U.S. needs more immigrants

As the fight over immigration reached peak chaos in the U.S. Senate earlier this month, the Congressional Budget Office held a press conference nearby. The director’s briefing about the latest ... Read More

Researcher: Immigrants do work that might not otherwise get done, bolstering the US economy

Although Congress is failing to pass laws to restrict the number of migrants arriving in the U.S., a majority of Americans—about 6 in 10—believe there's an immigration crisis along the Mexico-U.S. Read More

Fox News Host Warns Republicans: Don’t Run on the Economy — ‘It’s Good’

Fox News host Dagen McDowell warned Republicans not to run on the economy in the upcoming election because “it’s good” right now. Recently, Democrats ... to focus on immigration because ... Read More

Good economic news forces the GOP to switch narrative to the border. There must be fear!

Economy is good, so we need you ... Trust us. And rest assured, we Republicans are laser-focused on addressing all the horrific border problems we keep yelling about on Fox News. Read More

The US economy will grow by an extra $7 trillion over the next decade due to immigration, the CBO says

The US economy will grow by an extra $7 trillion over the next decade, according to estimates from the CBO. The CBO said the additional growth will be driven by an influx of immigrants. Read More

Immigration policy as economic policy

But immigrants are an important part of the U.S. economy, and the status quo is not working. So what do we do? “We have to decide: Do we want ... don’t match the country’s economic needs ... Read More

Grocery prices driving some voters to Trump in 2024: 'Wants to make the economy better for people like us'

But now with inflation going on, with prices the way they are, it seems like he wants to make the economy better for people like us ... lean towards Democrats. But I don’t know, entering ... Read More

Stuart Varney: Voters don't trust Biden's economy, despite good news

arguing voters' financial situations don't match what economists tell them about their finances the way they did with Trump's "spectacular economy." STUART VARNEY: There's plenty of good news on ... Read More

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