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Economy News Economy Hitting Americans Personal Finances, New Poll Finds | RobinsPost News & Noticias

CNBC Host Presses Janet Yellen On Polls Showing Americans Believe Trump Was ‘Better For The Economy’

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin queried Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Thursday about polls suggesting that Americans perceive former President Donald Trump as being “better” economically than President ... Read More

Biden needs a new economic distress message

Joe Biden’s approval rating for handling the economy is the biggest obstacle he faces on the way to a second term. Democratic empathy and anger are key to the party’s fortunes this year. Read More

How the economy will change under Trump vs Biden

Voters have consistently told pollsters that economy is the most important issue in the election. Read More

Confidence in Biden's ability to handle the economy grows, poll shows

New polling from The Financial Times/University of Michigan finds improving views about President Biden's ability to manage the economy. Read More

Americans’ economic pessimism contains a strange paradox: They’re feeling great about their own personal finances

Americans’ confidence in their own personal finances is as strong as their pessimism about the rest of the economy. Read More

Americans are split on Biden’s student loan work, even those with debt, new poll finds

According to a new poll, relatively few Americans say they’re fans of President Biden’s work on the issue of student loans. Read More

America Is Still Having a ‘Vibecession’

But here’s the kicker: When asked, most Americans ... survey finds that most voters are feeling positive about their personal financial situation, even as they insist that the economy is ... Read More

Many Americans staying home this summer, new Fox poll finds

A new Fox poll shows more than half of Americans ... FOX NEWS POLL: HIGHER PRICES AFFECTING SUMMER TRAVEL PLANS The Armstrongs are changing their flight plans to save money. Others are changing ... Read More

Inflation rates show Biden is gaslighting Americans on the economy

US Chair of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell reacts during an open session of the Financial Stability Oversight ... AFP via Getty Images Good news: Inflation eased a tiny bit in the latest ... Read More

Many Americans are wrong about economic trends. Test your knowledge here.

Americans have been notoriously glum about the country's financial outlook in the post-pandemic years, with only one-third describing the economy as good in a CBS News ... to a new poll from ... Read More

Finance expert sounds alarm over 'spaving' trend: An old 'trap' with a new name hitting your wallet

"Spaving" – spending more to save – is an old "trap" with a new name hitting ... Money?" author Bryan Kuderna told Fox News Digital. "You see different examples like that all throughout the ... Read More

Americans are feeling better about the economy for the first time in four months

Washington (CNN) — Americans’ attitudes toward the economy improved this month for ... Separately on Tuesday, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released survey data on consumer expectations ... Read More

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