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Economy News Ai Proves Mightier Than The Fed For Stocks Divorced From Economy | RobinsPost News & Noticias

The AI ‘bubble’ has helped the U.S. stock market dominate the world. What happens if it bursts?

and therefore U.S. stocks will deliver “similar returns” to those in the rest of the world, according to the economists. That said, Shearing and his team doubted that the end of the AI bubble would ... Read More

The U.S. economy is the most dynamic it’s ever been as AI and infrastructure overpower Fed rate hikes, ‘Big Short’ investor Steve Eisman says

Wall Street has been puzzling over the U.S. economy's continued resilience in the face of aggressive rate hikes from the Federal Reserve, with some still expecting a recession soon. But Neuberger ... Read More

Why the Stock Market Has Risen Even With No Fed Rate Cuts

The S&P 500 has been buoyant mainly because of A.I. fever, while bonds are having another mediocre year. But as an investor, our columnist is staying the course. Read More

Biden Gets More Bad News About the Economy

The U.S. economy accelerated at a slower pace in the first quarter than initially thought, the Commerce Department revealed on Thursday, as consumers pulled back on spending. The news could spell ... Read More

Inflation Proves To Be Stickier Than Expected — That's Bad News For The Economy But Great For The US Dollar

Inflation in the United States accelerated at a pace faster than anticipated in March ... traders in the fed funds futures market have revised their predictions, now expecting the first rate ... Read More

AI vs. the Economy – A Tale of Two Outlooks

During my several days in Silicon Valley, nobody talked about the economy, Fed interest rates or cyclical factors. AI is that much ... and the job market has been relatively strong. Read More

Fed president: People would rather have recession than high inflation

Kashkari, who has led the Minneapolis Fed since 2016 ... BY CLICKING HERE "If you look now, the economy is, in the U.S., quite strong, the labor market is strong, inflation is coming down ... Read More

Stocks pare losses after sliding on worries about the economy’s health

Still, all major stock indexes in May cinched their sixth winning month in seven. The Personal Consumption Expenditures price index, the Fed ... economy expanded at a weaker pace earlier this year ... Read More

A 'two-lane' economy is weighing on the Fed: Strategist

As Wall Street eyes the Fed's next rate move, Garnry says the Fed is grappling with a "two-lane economy," where one ... election to see how the market pivots. For more expert insight and the ... Read More

Summer Slowdown Could Be in the Cards for the Economy

And so it is with the economy, as the labor market weakens ever so slightly ... Recent data has been hotter than the Fed would like, but April did show a slight dip in the annual rate of increase ... Read More

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