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Economy News The Economy Is Doing Exactly What We Need To Avoid A Recession And Keep Booming | RobinsPost News & Noticias

The US economy faces a new threat

The biggest danger facing the American economy for years has been inflation. Now, another problem is emerging as a credible threat on the horizon: Unemployment. Read More

Ed Yardeni Downplays Recession Fears But Warns, 'We Need More Bears To Keep The Bull Market Going'

Veteran investor Ed Yardeni downplays recession risk, warns of contrarian signal for bull market sustainability. Fed rate cut still possible. Read More

Global economy finds new ways to keep growing

The world economy is defying the Cassandras. Despite widespread predictions of a slowdown, global GDP growth is accelerating. The United States is still the star performer but as it flags other ... Read More

If Biden Wants Voters to Stop Believing We’re in a Recession, He Should Stop Acting Like We’re in One

If the economy is so great, why do we need make-work jobs ... That’s not how you budget for a booming economy. That’s how you budget in a recession. It’s true that most voters don’t ... Read More

“Bowtie Economist” says Houston is doing better than predicted in mid-year economic forecast

Houston’s economy has been doing better than predicted, but a mild recession could still be possible ... how they feel about the economy and news about it. “Americans hate inflation much ... Read More

Is The U.S. Economy Flirting With Recession?

Recession risk has risen, but it’s still premature to confidently declare that a downturn has started. Read more here. Read More

New Zealand’s Economy Emerges From Recession in First Quarter

SINGAPORE—New Zealand’s farm-rich economy returned to growth in the first quarter, exiting the recession that has dogged it for much of last year, but further weakness can’t be ruled out. Read More

The Economy Is Good. Why Don’t People Know It?

Disparities between national and local economies are also common. Atlanta’s economy can be booming while New York’s is in the doldrums. But personal and geographic idiosyncrasies should wash ... Read More

High Prices Keep Consumer Sentiment Weak

The drop in sentiment comes as two reports out this week showed a cooling in inflation, the No. 1 economic concern for consumers. But the Federal Reserve continues to keep interest rates elevated ... Read More

How Is the Economy Doing?

Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money. Updated as of June 14. The state of the U.S. economy is strong ... How’s the stock market doing? The health of the stock market ... Read More

U.S. Will Avoid Recession, Say Investors in BofA Survey

Investors' pessimism over global growth ebbed slightly in June with a net 6% of those polled expecting a weaker economy versus a net 9% in May, Bank of America's monthly fund manager survey showed. Read More

Are the economy and job growth slowing? Not based on sales of worker uniform patches.

“We’re not seeing it,” says Randy Carr ... postpandemic burst of activity may be petering out. How is the US economy doing right now? Retail sales edged up a disappointing 0.1%. Read More

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