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Economy News The Economy Is In A Rolling Financial Crisis As Private Sector Debt Balloons, Gmo Says | RobinsPost News & Noticias

US Economy News Today: Jobless Claims Lower as Fed Watches Labor Market Strength

Inflation rose 3.0% over the year, down from a 3.3% annual increase in June, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index. That was slightly lower than economists expected. Read More

US Economy News Today: Yellen Says Housing Prices Will Take More Time to Fall

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will testify before the Senate and small business optimism grows for a third month. Read More

Our debt crisis is personal, financial, and moral

America is in a debt crisis that is both deep ... Regardless, our private and public debts will continue to inflict social and economic damage. If our trend does not change, those harms will ... Read More

The Private Debt Market: An In-Depth Analysis Of A Remarkable Growth Over The Past Decade

The private debt market has witnessed remarkable growth over the past decade, establishing itself as a critical component of the global financial landscape. With global assets under management ... Read More

The good economic news this week was just that … good news

“Good news is bad news” has been a common refrain for a while now. When economic reports are released that are solid, they have all too often been clouded with concerns that good news for the ... Read More

U.S. economy and jobs market are showing cracks. Fed rate cuts are not far off.

The economy appears to have caught enough of a chill that the Federal Reserve is likely to cut interest rates soon. Read More

The National Debt Crisis Is Coming

and slow economic growth. Some elected officials pressed for a so-called grand bargain in 2011 between the parties that would both reduce spending and increase revenue, and a bipartisan commission ... Read More

Trump 2.0: Why a second presidential term could lead to a new financial crisis

Expert economic modeller Warwick McKibbin says there is a chance of a financial crisis due to Trump ... decarbonisation and the private sector – were likely to have a bigger impact than ... Read More

Reliability of U.S. Economic Data Is in Jeopardy, Study Finds

A report says new approaches and increased spending are needed to ensure that government statistics remain dependable and free of political influence. Read More

There’s an unbalanced economy of have and have-nots. Here’s how investors should approach that, says Morgan Stanley.

The Morgan Stanley team says the same dynamic ... remain in a late cycle economy where strong fiscal policy is helping to still keep interest rates too high for many economic participants ... Read More

Why this economic downturn will hit harder than the GFC

The pain of this economic ... every sector recorded a rise in insolvencies, according to Australian Securities and Investments Commission data. On the bright side, however, the rise of private ... Read More

The problem with Biden’s and Trump’s economic records: They’re really messy

As such, flashy economic data points extolled by candidates ... “When President Biden takes credit for all jobs and says Trump lost all the jobs? That’s not fair either, because the pandemic ... Read More

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