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Economy News The Biden Economy Is Strong Why Don%E2%80%99t Voters Agree | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Bernie Sanders Wants Joe Biden to Stay in the Race

Sanders, who competed against Biden in the 2020 Democratic Presidential primaries, has been harshly critical of the President’s support for Israel’s war in Gaza. And yet he has remained a vigorous ... Read More

Why Aren’t We Talking About the Great News on the Economy and Crime?

Biden is, at least in this phase of his career, the exact opposite of a great communicator. Even when he cites his strong economic performance, as he did during the debate, it is hard for audiences to ... Read More

Great economic news overshadowed by debate over Biden’s fate

All of the recent economic news has been heartening, though it's been overshadowed by the debate over President Joe Biden's electoral future. Read More

Biden administration not addressing ‘lived experiences of voters’ on economy: Sarah Bedford

The Washington Examiner’s Sarah Bedford argued that the Biden administration has not properly addressed the “lived experiences” that voters are going through in the current economy. Read More

Poll: Biden still facing high disapproval numbers on economy

Almost 60% of voters are still upset about President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy, according to the results of a new poll. Read More

2. Biden’s and Trump’s personal qualities and handling of issues

About six-in-ten Biden supporters (59%) like the way Biden conducts himself, with 36% saying they have mixed feelings. Just 5% say they don’t like ... Still, more voters express confidence in Trump ... Read More

Trump, Biden, 2024: 11 Black Voters Discuss

Mr. Healy is the deputy Opinion editor. Ms. Soltis Anderson is a pollster. Mr. Rivera is an editorial assistant in Opinion. What would you say is most off track in America today? Read More

Vance set to speak as RNC enters third day; Schiff calls on Biden to drop out

The FBI is investigating the shooting as a potential act of domestic terrorism.At the convention, former Trump administration officials are expected to take the stage to outline what foreign policy ... Read More

Overwhelming Majority of Democrats Want Joe Biden to Drop Out: Poll

President Joe Biden no longer appears to have the favor of his own party—let alone the American people. Read More

Trump vs. Biden: In swing state Nevada, it’s the housing

Low housing stock and inflation woes have put homeownership out of reach for many Americans. In Nevada, it could tip the presidential election. Read More

Age Isn’t Biden’s Only Problem

Even if he could prove that his debate performance was an outlier, he would remain a deeply unpopular president with a deeply unpopular record. Read More

Biden's age is burying good economic news for Democrats

The aftermath of Biden's debate debacle has kept cooling inflation and a solid solid labor market off the front the pages. Read More

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