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Economy News America%E2%80%99s Foreign Vacations Tell Us Something About The U S Economy | RobinsPost News & Noticias

America’s Divided Summer Economy Is Coming to an Airport or Hotel Near You

But the 2024 vacation outlook isn’t all sunny: Like the rest of the American consumer experience ... add fuel to the overall economy. Domestic travel adds to U.S. economic growth. Read More

Immigrants power job growth, help tame inflation. But is there a downside for the economy?

A immigration surge has driven job growth and the economy while taming inflation, economists say. Critics say they're taking jobs from Americans. Read More

US Economy News Today: Home Prices Hit Another All-Time High

He's also worked at The Balance, U.S. 1, Community News Service and the ... offering a mixed view of the economy. “Income expectations were down, vacation plans were up and households' views ... Read More

US Economy News Today: New Home Sales Plunged in May

Welcome to Investopedia's economics live blog, where we explain what the day's news says about the state of the U.S. economy and how ... remain challenging, American households are showing great ... Read More

Can We ‘Make America Affordable Again’? Should We?

So, has America become unaffordable? In normal life, when we ask ourselves whether we can afford something, we compare its price to our income. And if we use that normal-life standard, America is more ... Read More

America’s Frozen Housing Market Is Warping the Economy

If you locked in a dirt-cheap mortgage when interest rates were low, congratulations for being one of the winners in America’s skewed housing ... unexpected impact on U.S. housing. Read More

Will The Economy Matter for Trump, Biden at the Debate?

In his first term as president, Donald Trump famously tied his assessment of the U.S. economy to the performance of the stock market. When stocks rose and reached new heights, he said the American ... Read More

Economy Grew Slightly Better Than Forecast in Q1 But Is Still Slowing

The U.S. economy grew at a 1.4% annual pace in the first quarter, above previous estimates. Stronger consumer and government spending offset the drag from reduced inventory restocking by businesses. Read More

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A Bloomberg gauge of dollar strength is on track for its longest weekly winning streak since February as the strength of the US economy crushed any remaining hopes of near-term Federal Reserve ... Read More

The US housing market is 'stuck,' and might remain that way until 2026

The affordability crisis that has plagued the U.S. housing market for the last three years is unlikely to improve until at least 2026, according to new findings published by Bank of America. Read More

Positive Economic News For U.S. Retail, Not So Much Elsewhere

This was better than expected, and good news after a ... confidence in the economy, driven by the troubles in the real estate market. While high home values in the U.S. have kept consumers ... Read More

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Southern Africa's wildlife economy is often hailed as a successful model. The idea behind this model is that biodiversity and wildlife are used as the basis of sustainable economic growth ... Read More

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