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Economy News Striking Unions Impacting The Economy At A Level Not Seen In Decades | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Striking unions impacting the economy at a level not seen in decades

So far, the UAW stoppage has impacted just a small portion of the workforce with limited implications for the broader economy. Read More

UAW workers now part of a string of strikes; how is it affecting the economy?

The UAW workers are back on the picket line in Milwaukee. Right now, labor conflicts are happening at a level that has not been seen in over two decades. Read More

GM lays off 164 more workers due to UAW strike

General Motors furloughed another 160 workers on Monday as a result of the United Auto Workers union's strike against the automaker and rivals Ford and Stellantis. Read More

America is on strike. Here’s the progress unions have made

Since last year’s Labor Day, US unions have flexed their muscle in a way that hasn’t been not seen in decades. They’ve scored some big victories amid some defeats. Read More

Nigeria Unions In Talks Over Suspending Strike

Nigeria's labour unions ... revive the economy. He has named a new central bank chief who analysts expect will take a more orthodox approach. The fuel subsidy had been in place for decades and kept ... Read More

Unions are showing a strike-laden resurgence under Biden, but some believe it won’t last

Labor unions ... decades of eroding influence. What could reverse the momentum are dwindling union membership, workers’ opposition to organizing at sites across the country and an economic ... Read More

Looming UAW strike could cost US economy more than $5B in just 10 days

That is according to a new analysis from the Anderson Economic Group, a Michigan-based think tank that specializes in the economic impact ... not reached before the deadline, the union may opt to ... Read More

Trade unions and the new economy: 3 African case studies show how workers are recasting their power in the digital age

Workers’ power is being recast as precarious workers in Africa experiment with new ways of organising in the digital age ... Read More

What impact would a UAW strike have on US economy?

The United Auto Workers, the union representing nearly 150,000 workers at Ford, General Motors and Stellantis, continues to move closer to a strike.The threat of a strike comes after GM ... Read More

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