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Economy News Why Voters Favor Trump%E2%80%99s Economy Over Biden%E2%80%99s | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Even Most Biden Voters Don’t See a Thriving Economy

A majority of those who backed President Biden in 2020 say today’s economy is fair or poor, ordinarily a bad omen for incumbents seeking re-election. Read More

Social media users upset with 'just crazy' economy dog Biden

Many voters are upset about the economy, with the question of why driving a lot of conversation in Washington. Read More

The voters "forgiving" Trump and "punishing" Biden: Obama pollster on "the biggest question" of 2024

"The 2024 race feels somewhat frozen," says Mike Kulisheck, senior vice president of the Benenson Strategy Group ... Read More

Biden steps up Trump attacks as economic message falls flat

That good-news approach is not working, some officials inside and outside the Biden campaign say. A series of polls have shown Trump leading Biden and that voters have a grim view of the economy, even ... Read More

As Biden scrambles to reassure Black, Latino voters, some ask if the wealth gap can be fixed

The Biden administration is touting economic programs geared toward minority-owned businesses as Black and Hispanic voters show increasing disaffection toward Democrats following a year of higher ... Read More

Nikki Haley’s Path From Trump Critic to Defender and Back

As ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Haley strove to stay in the president’s favor and avoided some battles to change his mind on contentious issues. Read More

The Ultimate Cost of Biden’s Refusal to Call for a Full Cease-fire in Gaza

Two months ago, buffeted by economic pessimism and concerns about his age, President Biden explained once again why he’s seeking reelection. “I’m running because democracy is at stake,” Biden told the ... Read More

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