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Economy News Could The Us Economy Be Doing Too Well | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Could the US economy be doing too well?

The US is enjoying a strange economic boom, with consequences for the global balance of power, the future of the planet and the UK's future growth prospects. It is borrowing billions to boost its ... Read More

What’s really happening in America’s economy (Trump and Biden spin aside)

The US economy is giving off weird vibes right now. Read More

How Today’s Economy Could Matter in November

“People are not making judgments so much on their personal circumstances as they are on how well people around them are doing,” Traugott ... to a six-month low could be bad news for Biden if ebbing ... Read More

US Economy News Today: One Fed Official Sees Inflation Fight Stretching Into 2025

The public should be prepared for higher interest rates in 2025 as the fight against inflation will likely stretch into next year, Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael Bostic said in a ... Read More

Some people are down on the economy — here’s why we should care

1. We could be measuring the economy wrong (maybe it’s not doing as well as we think). 2. Exposure to negative stories in the news or social media could be coloring people’s outlook on the economy’s ... Read More

Why the Disconnect Between Economic Strength and Sentiment Matters

New NerdWallet data confirms that people feel the economy is worsening. Whether or not this sentiment is a sign of real problems, it shouldn’t be disregarded. Read More

How much can a president impact the economy?

And what role does the president really play in the economy’s health? Whose fault is it? I reached out to Michael Kofoed, an assistant professor of economics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, ... Read More

Strong spending is obscuring an economy that isn’t working for many Americans

Even after years of inflation, geopolitical chaos and recession in Europe, the US economy remains robust and resilient. But many middle class Americans are cutting spending. Read More

Gold price slips as US yields soar and underpin the US Dollar

Gold prices slump on Wednesday amid rising US Treasury yields, boosting demand for the Greenback due to hawkish comments by a Federal Reserve (Fed) official. Consequently, sentiment shifted sour, the ... Read More

The Bulwark: How could it be wrong when it feels so center-right?

Republican apostates have built a safe harbor for anti-MAGA centrists — and anyone else who wants to feel less lonely in the middle. PHILADELPHIA — Sarah Longwell, the publisher of the Bulwark, is ... Read More

Israel Policy Could Cost Biden the White House—and Us Democracy

In an election as close as this one, every vote counts—and Biden is bleeding youth support over Israel. It’s not too late. But it’s getting there. Read More

Building more social housing could save NHS and DWP billions – and add even more to UK's economy

Building social housing could save renters thousands of pounds a year and boost the economy by billions, says new research. Read More

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