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Economy News A %E2%80%98no Landing%E2%80%99 Scenario For The U S Economy Isn%E2%80%99t Bad For Stocks, Bofa Says | RobinsPost News & Noticias

A ‘no-landing’ scenario for the U.S. economy isn’t bad for stocks, BofA says

Stronger growth in the U.S. economy is positive for the stock market, “as long as inflation remains in check,” according to BofA Global Research. A “no landing” scenario for the U.S. economy is “back ... Read More

Recession isn't happening as the US economy is the most dynamic it's been in history, 'The Big Short' investor Steve Eisman says

Economists who have called for a recession have been wrong and the economy is solid, Steve Eisman said Thursday. Read More

The U.S. Economy Reaches Superstar Status

When an economy is growing, more money is being spent. More stuff is being produced, more services are being performed, more businesses are being started, more workers are being hired—and, because of ... Read More

World Bank: ‘Impressive’ US economy is powering the world

The World Bank upgraded its outlook for the global economy and said the “impressive” U.S. economy is powering the world. The latest outlook estimates the global economy will expand 2.6 percent, an ... Read More

The good economic news this week was just that … good news

“Good news is bad news” has been a common refrain for a while now. When economic reports are released that are solid, they have all too often been clouded with concerns that good news for the economy ... Read More

Forget a Soft or Hard Landing: What Happens if the Economy Doesn’t Land at All?

Last week’s scorching-hot May employment report put to rest recent worries about chips in the economy. But it also pushed back expectations for interest rate cuts. BofA ... a “no-landing” scenario. Read More

It finally looks like the US economy is sticking its soft landing

Until recently those two forces were holding back a soft-landing narrative. The US seems on track for lower price growth without a recession. You might have heard the US is not in a recession, but the ... Read More

Biden Gets More Bad News About the Economy

The U.S. economy accelerated at a slower pace in the first quarter than initially thought, the Commerce Department revealed on Thursday, as consumers pulled back on spending. The news could spell ... Read More

As bad as you may think the economy is now, it’s nowhere near the 1970s

So March’s ugly ... the economy isn’t performing as well as it could be. The most widely recognized symptom of economic slack is a rising unemployment rate. That’s happening in the US ... Read More

Jamie Dimon says markets are too optimistic about soft landing scenario

Dimon said he’s worried about stocks being ... determinative in what the U.S. economy does in 2025. “My view is whatever the world is pricing in for a soft landing, I think it’s probably ... Read More

The U.S. economy and inflation might be cooling off, but lower interest rates are still far away

Is the economy headed in the right direction? Wall Street investors certainly think so. They drove U.S. stocks to a record ... “There is no sign yet that we are seeing a real slowdown.” ... Read More

As bad as you may think the economy is now, it’s nowhere near the 1970s

So March’s ugly inflation report, which showed an unexpected jump in the pace of price increases, and the lackluster GDP report, made the diagnosis seem like a no ... the economy isn’t ... Read More

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