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Jobs Report News Big Tech Is Laying Off Workers The Growing %E2%80%98green Collar%E2%80%99 Job Industry Hopes To Recruit Them Fortune | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Big Tech's big green card problem

Ava Benach, a top immigration attorney, advises foreign tech workers to look beyond Silicon Valley. Big tech companies have backed off green card ... York City for jobs in the industry. Read More

Tesla, Google, and Microsoft won't stop laying people off. Here's why that could backfire.

The recent quip on Blind came from a worker at a large tech company commenting on word of more job ... the industry's biggest names — including Google, Microsoft, and Tesla. Elon Musk told staff last ... Read More

Tech Layoffs 2024: GoPuff, Indeed and Google Cut Staff

Tech companies have been consistently laying off ... tracks job cuts in the tech industry. » MORE: Will 2024 be a big year for layoffs? A total of 262,682 workers in tech lost their jobs in ... Read More

A Fed meeting, jobs report, and more Big Tech earnings: What to know this week

In the week ahead, a Fed meeting, the April jobs report, and earnings from Big Tech stalwarts Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN) will test the recent optimism in markets. Updates on job openings ... Read More

Report finds Pittsburgh tech sector lost about 4,000 jobs in 2023

An annual report from the Computing Technology Industry Association estimated that the Pittsburgh tech sector currently has a net tech employment of 58,646 people, down from the net of 62,469 people ... Read More

A comprehensive list of 2024 tech layoffs

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the known layoffs in tech that have occurred ... TechCrunch exclusively reported. Is laying off workers as part of continued cost cutting measures. Read More

The full list of major US companies slashing staff this year, from Tesla and Lucid Motors to Google and Apple

Google laid off hundreds more workers in ... upwards of 4,000 jobs, Bloomberg reported. The company said it was restructuring after an industry-wide pullback in corporate tech spending — which ... Read More

April jobs report breakdown: Which industries hired the most workers last month?

Job growth sputtered in April as many industries like manufacturing and leisure and hospitality pulled back on hiring. Employers added 175,000 jobs in April, the Labor Department said in its ... Read More

CEO Alarmed to Discover That Laying Off 1,500 Workers Had Consequences

Sometimes workers ... Fortune reports, Ek appears to have recently learned that supporting work and or even "work around the work" adds up. On an investor call this week following Spotify's Q1 ... Read More

Peloton is laying off workers and replacing the CEO — again

In a Peloton déjà vu, the fitness-equipment company is cutting 400 jobs and ... included laying off 2,800 employees, or about a fifth of them, followed by other rounds of job cuts. Read More

Big Tech's big green card problem

Big tech companies have backed off green ... workers to stay in the US, and it may mean overseas candidates have to search far beyond Silicon Valley and New York City for jobs in the industry. Read More

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