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Jobs News It%E2%80%99s Not Just Disney Hollywood Slashes Jobs As Streaming Bubble Pops | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Disney beats earnings estimates, hikes guidance as it slashes streaming losses

Disney beat quarterly earnings estimates and raised its guidance as it saw progress in its effort to cut costs. The company slashed its streaming ... who asked not to be named because the ... Read More

Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios to reportedly slash jobs

Disney-owned Pixar, the animation studio behind blockbuster franchises “Toy Story,” The Incredibles” and “Finding Nemo,” is set to slash jobs ... is one of its most successful franchises ... Read More

It’s never been more expensive to be a Disney fan

The company did not ... Disney announced it would slash its expenses by another $2 billion, in addition to the $5.5 billion reduction it had previously announced, which included thousands of job ... Read More

Hollywood strikes: 'Most of us have second jobs'

Some of the world's biggest films and TV shows have hit pause on production, as actors and writers in Hollywood strike over pay and worries about the impact AI could have on jobs. It's the biggest ... Read More

It's not just you. It's getting harder to switch jobs.

If you're struggling to find a new job, it's not just because you didn't spend enough time on your cover letter. Economic data suggests the US job market isn't as favorable for job seekers and ... Read More

The Hollywood Jobs Most at Risk From AI

By Winston Cho Generative artificial intelligence is killing jobs in Hollywood ... works are not eligible for copyright protection, material in which a human played a role in its creation might ... Read More

Disney’s streaming services have begun cracking down on password sharing

Disney has updated the language on its three streaming platforms to limit password ... the changes to account sharing, though it was not immediately clear when those changes occurred. Read More

A floor that feels like magic? Just another marvel from this legendary Disney inventor

Smoot at 68 is the most accomplished modern inventor at the Walt Disney Co., headquartered ... We can do all these other things. It’s not just moving people it unlocks but also objects. Read More

Annette Bening says 'things are changing' for actresses in Hollywood: 'It's not a question of just strong women's roles. It's real women.'

Annette Bening is hopeful about the changing tides for women in Hollywood ... with weaknesses and vulnerabilities. And so it’s not a question of just strong women’s roles. Read More

'The Marvels' streaming date: When will it be on Disney Plus?

And with the MCU having a bit of a rough time, it's reasonable to not want ... in streaming TV shows and movies. That means news, analysis, recommendations, reviews and more for just about ... Read More

Flag football is skyrocketing in popularity nationwide — and it's not just for the boys

The expansion of women's participation in flag football is not just about playing the game; it's about recognition and advancement in sports, according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Read More

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