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Jobs News More Than 105,000 Tech Sector Employees Have Lost Their Jobs Since The Start Of 2023 | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Big Tech jobs have lost their glamour

By February 2023, one of its blockchain product offerings was closed. Layoffs have continued ever since – her team has now been slashed fivefold. Employees ... for jobs in the tech sector ... Read More

Why Is Big Tech Still Cutting Jobs?

But the tech industry ... a total of more than 900,000 jobs. When that boom ended, they were forced to adjust. Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple cut about 112,000 jobs from their ... Read More

Tech layoffs in 2024: Over 34,000 employees at Google, Amazon, and more than other 100 tech companies have lost jobs this year

The technology industry continues to experience a wave of layoffs as 2024 begins. Over 34,000 employees have already lost their jobs across major companies like Google, Amazon, and more than 100 ... Read More

Tens of Thousands of Workers Lost Their Jobs in January

The tech industry saw more than 260,000 jobs disappear in 2023, and many anticipate further ... lead career expert at FlexJobs, recommends employees keep their resumes current and make a list ... Read More

More than 30,000 tech employees lose jobs globally in first month of 2024

Tech companies, including startups, around the world fired more than 425,000 employees in 2022 and 2023, with more than ... or about 350-400 jobs. E-commerce platform eBay is sacking around ... Read More

Tech Layoffs Continue To Hit Industry With 32,000 Job Cuts

So far, some 32,000 tech workers have lost their jobs in 2024 according to Layoffs.fyi, a startup that has been tracking job cuts in the industry since ... and more targeted than the layoffs ... Read More

At Least 528 News Media Jobs Were Lost in January, Study Finds

At least 528 news media jobs were lost in January due to brutal start-of-the-year layoffs, with the media sector ... total have been eliminated in the 9 months since the first time the technology ... Read More

How To Recover From Tech Layoffs In 2024

Crunchbase’s tech layoffs tracker lists that more than 190,000 workers from U.S.-based tech companies lost their jobs in 2023 and ... tech companies have laid off over 21,000 employees ... Read More

A comprehensive list of 2023 & 2024 tech layoffs

Momentum for a tech sector ... have lost their jobs at Meta since November. Reliance Retail’s online shopping platform laid off over 1,000 employees on May 22, and plans to cut as many as 9,900 ... Read More

The job market is strong. So why did layoffs double in January?

The job market remains one of the U.S. economy's main engines, with the nation's unemployment rate near a 50-year low and wages finally pulling ahead of inflation. At the same time, major ... Read More

Employees have little reason to change jobs right now — here's why

ADP's monthly private payroll data released Wednesday showed the annual wage growth for workers changing jobs fell to 7.2% in January, the slowest pace of growth since ... more painful as workers ... Read More

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