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Jobs News Ai Threatened Jobs Are Mostly Held By Women, Study Shows | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Fox News AI Newsletter: Jobs AI can't take

Amid high costs and controversies surrounding college education – coupled with the threat that artificial intelligence poses on certain white-collar jobs – much of Gen Z is leaning toward ... Read More

‘You’re Fighting AI With AI’: Bots Are Breaking the Hiring Process

Job seekers, frustrated with corporate hiring software, are using artificial intelligence to craft cover letters and résumés in seconds, and deploying new automated bots to robo-apply for ... Read More

AI May Not Be a Job Killer, After All

We have all heard the warnings and promises. AI will transform work completely, and put millions of jobs at risk. The prospect is ominous. But we’ve been studying the world of work for decades ... Read More

AI-exposed Sectors Reportedly Experience Productivity Surge as AI Jobs See Up to 25% Wage Premium

Sectors more exposed to AI are experiencing almost five times (4.8x) higher growth in labor productivity, according to PwC’s AI Jobs Barometer. Read More

AI knowledge gets your foot in the door for job interviews, says study

Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) conducted an experiment by submitting CVs for job vacancies from British 21-year-old applicants who held ... their AI skill levels. "Our study ... Read More

AI Will Enhance Your Job, Not Take It

Artificial intelligence could take as many as 300 million full-time jobs by 2035 ... Researchers: Research is typically the most time-consuming part of any project. AI can help researchers ... Read More

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and further consolidating the industry OpenAI says it’s setting up a new safety and security committee and has begun training a new artificial intelligence model to supplant the GPT-4 system ... Read More

How Educators Are Using AI to Do Their Jobs

so most educators haven’t tried AI at all. When asked how they were using AI to do their jobs this school year, 52 percent of educators said they don’t use it at all, according to an analysis ... Read More

Workers are eyeing the exit in 2024 as LinkedIn and Microsoft study warns more people want to quit their jobs now than during the Great Resignation

However, new data from LinkedIn and Microsoft shows ... and artificial intelligence. LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index found that 59% of U.S. employees who are actively job-seeking agree ... Read More

Here are the job candidates that employers are searching for most

That's according to a recent analysis by career site Indeed.com that ranks the 10 job sectors with the most sought-after job candidates by employers and recruiters based on what resumes they ... Read More

Why do Black women have the highest death rate for most cancers? New study aims to find out.

NEW YORK - The American Cancer Society is trying to find out why Black women have the highest death rate for most cancers ... 30 years as part of a massive study, called Voices of Black Women. Read More

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