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Information Technology News

June 10, 2024 — A framework based on advanced AI techniques can solve complex, computationally intensive problems faster and in a more more scalable way than ... Researchers Demonstrate the ... Read More

Artificial intelligence is changing the job market

The job market is changing, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, better known as AI.The number of job postings that mention AI has dramatically increased in the past two years. Sign ... Read More

AI Doesn’t Kill Jobs? Tell That to Freelancers

Jennifer Kelly, a freelance copywriter in the picturesque New England town of Walpole, N.H., feels bad for any young people who might try to follow in her footsteps. Not long after OpenAI’s ChatGPT ... Read More

New college grads face a cooling job market. Here's where the jobs are.

After earning their college degrees this month, new graduates are understandably eager to land their first job and ... group found. Technology companies have slashed thousands of jobs in recent ... Read More

Finance Jobs Will Be Changed the Most by AI, Report Says

A Citibank bank's study estimates over half of financial sector jobs are ripe for AI automation, though net job destruction at banks and across the economy may be limited. Read More

AI Is Coming for Big Tech Jobs—but Not in the Way You Think

Companies aren’t replacing workers with AI yet. But they are sacrificing thousands of jobs in the race to further innovation in the technology. Read More

LinkedIn Now Has AI Tools to Help You Find Jobs

The new "conversational" job search function lets you use regular language instead of preset filters to hunt for employment. Read More

Fact check: Trump falsely claims almost all new jobs under Biden have gone to ‘illegal aliens’

Former President Donald Trump, who has promised to conduct mass deportations if he is elected to a second term in November, continued his angry rhetoric about illegal immigration at a campaign rally ... Read More

Virginia tech company admonished for "Whites only" job posting

The ad was widely circulated on social media and generated multiple news stories. "It is shameful that in the 21st century, we continue to see employers using 'whites only' and 'only US born' job ... Read More

How U.S. News Ranks the Best Jobs

To some people, the perfect job may involve creating high-profile marketing campaigns for hot products, while others may dream of delivering babies to excited new ... U.S. News Best Jobs of ... Read More

Tech company fined by DOJ over ‘whites only’ job posting

In March 2023, a recruiter for Arthur Grand Technologies, an information technology services firm based in Ashburn, posted a job advertisement on the recruitment website Indeed for a business ... Read More

Technology News

the second electric startup to do so in the last year as even industry leaders struggle to lure more buyers beyond the early adapters of the technology ABC News' Linsey Davis speaks with author ... Read More

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