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Consumer News Looking For A Place To Rent Then, Scammers Are Looking For You | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Scammers target families looking for homes to rent

DESPERATE” Islanders whose search for a home has been made more difficult by Jersey’s housing qualifications system are being preyed upon by scammers.Financial investigator Faith Shalamon said that ... Read More

Six Facebook marketplace scams to watch out for

Facebook Marketplace has become a popular way to buy and sell second-hand items, but has attracted scammers in the process. We explain what to watch out for ... Read More

Consumer Alert: The scammers are busy. Here’s how you avoid being a victim

This Consumer Alert is all about protecting your money. The number of scams increase dramatically this time of year. Every day, a consumer reaches out to me about a scam. The most common complaint ... Read More

New scam alert: What is ‘Quishing,' and how can you protect yourself?

NBC Universal, Inc. You ... than 89 million Americans using them on mobile devices according to new data. With that surge in usage comes a warning about how that spike in popularity has scammers ... Read More

Rent-A-Center Reviews

She then tells me she sees my ... I like team but I like my money better. If you try to rip me off that's a problem THIS IS A LOAN SOLICITATION ONLY. CONSUMERS UNIFIED, LLC IS NOT A LENDER. Read More

Online 'pig butchering scam' preys on unsuspecting romantic partners, IRS warns

Investigators want consumers to remember that if you meet someone on a dating website or app and they urge you to invest in crypto, it is likely a scam. The IRS urged consumers to look for red ... Read More

Scammers don't take break for holidays, experts warn

22 (UPI) --While you're ... years, consumers have been hit with scams from all sides. Since so many of these scams are obviously fake -- with ridiculous spelling errors, sketchy looking logos ... Read More

Are you looking for a job? Here are places looking to hire for the holidays.

Some retailers are even announcing permanent hiring plans rather than seasonal ones. RELATED: Looking for a new job? These tips could help get you hired. However this year, the labor market is ... Read More

How to spot a social media scam

Check your social media timeline Are you seeing an unusually high volume of the same status being shared? This should ring alarm bells that it may be a scam, especially if the message is the same for ... Read More

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