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Consumer News Your Utility Bill A Little High This Month Here S How To Tame Heating Costs | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Cut Your Energy Bills in Half Using This Thermostat Setting

While gas and electricity prices are relatively lower this year, wild temperature fluctuations could lead to additional costs in your monthly heating bill. If you're looking to save money on your ... Read More

Cooling costs are expected to soar this summer. Here are 5 ways to keep your bills down.

Here are five ways to stay cool and trim your utility bill this summer ... a day can save you up to 10% a year on cooling and heating costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s ... Read More

Here's where it's going to cost more to cool your home this summer

In better news for consumers, the bigger utility bill ... electricity bills are expected to rise by an average of $11 per month, while across New England electricity costs are expected to drop ... Read More

Here's how homeowners can save money, energy on their electric bills

In the dog days of summer, how does one lower an electric bill? Long-term solutions like energy-efficient ... the thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to minimize utility costs. In ... Read More

Consumer Reports' experts give tips to cool your electric bill

If that news burns you up, then listen up: The experts at Consumer ... save money on heating bills in the winter,” he added. Some thermostats like this Google Nest will learn your day-to-day ... Read More

Homeowners call out utility companies for suspicious energy bills: 'The economy here does not justify what you're paying'

A deregulated energy market means residents can choose their own utility suppliers and energy sources, with lower electric bills often in reach amid increased competition. Read More

Nearly Half of Americans Struggle To Pay Their Utility Bills: 5 Ways To Save

who’s made consumer financial well-being a priority in her career, to talk about the high costs of utility bills. Find out which quick fixes can make for more cost-effective utility statements. Read More

Here’s how many Americans are sacrificing food to cover their utility bills

A number of Americans, in the thick of a wet-hot summer, are cutting back on grocery expenses in order to afford those high AC bills, according to PowerSetter. Read More

How to cool your summer electric bill ahead of hot summer temperatures

If that news burns you up, the experts at Consumer ... money on heating bills in the winter. Some thermostats, like the $250 Google Nest Smart Learning Thermostat, will learn your day-to-day ... Read More

Solar energy pros and cons

While many people enjoy the lower utility bills and reduced ... While upfront installation costs can be high, the cost-benefit is clear: Installing solar panels on your home is both financially ... Read More

CBS News price tracker shows how much food, utility and housing costs are rising

As consumers cope with lingering inflation, CBS News is tracking ... of recurring household costs, rents and home sales, the 2024 data cited is current through last month and it is compared ... Read More

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