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Consumer News Were You One Of The 40,000 Americans Who Lost Money In Moneygram Scams You Ve Got A Refund Coming | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Scam Alerts

Americans lost more than $10 billion to scammers in 2023 and there is no reason to think that number will fall in 2024, without more consumer vigilance.… ... Read More

Washington residents lost $250 million to scammers last year

Washingtonians lost nearly $250 million to fraud in 2023, according to a new Federal Trade Commission report. Why it matters: Americans lost a record $10 billion to fraudsters in 2023, with no group — ... Read More

I lost $240,000 after a ‘friend’ I met on Instagram encouraged me to invest in crypto. Can I write off my loss?

They now say I need to pony up $150,000 — 15% of my ‘profit’ — to pay taxes. The company said this would be reimbursed.” ... Read More

Taxes and IRS News, Regulations, and Scams

It's important to remember that when you get a refund, it's YOUR money ... One tax expert found both positives and negatives to the new regulations, saying that some necessary steps were taken ... Read More

How to Get a $40,000 Personal Loan

“As a consumer ... one's profile as a borrower. Check your credit scores with all three credit agencies, close any subscriptions you do not need and rationalize your monthly budget.” Once you ... Read More

I-TEAM: AI Scams; Do you know who you are talking to?

In this I-Team Consumer Alert, News Center 7′s Xavier Hershovitz shows you how these scams work and how to keep your family and your money safe ... voices they’ve made. Some even allow ... Read More

Weekend Money: Why is everyone wearing 'old money' style - and what does it say about our world right now?

Like this one... Videos tagged ... lots to consider first. "If you've got the money, you might think it's a great idea to repay your student loan," says John Webb, consumer affairs manager at ... Read More

Why you should open a CD this February

But there was one major advantage (if you knew where to look ... certificates of deposit (CD) accounts were less than 1% just a few years ago, they've surged in the last two years, making ... Read More

Checking Vs. Savings Accounts: Which One Is Right For You?

E. Napoletano is a former registered financial advisor and award-winning author and journalist. Managing Editor, Global Data and Automation for Forbes Advisor. Mitch has more than a decade of ... Read More

What Happens if You Don't Pay Your Taxes?

If you owe money to the Internal ... the IRS has estimated that Americans owed at least $114 billion in back taxes, penalties and interest in 2020. So what happens if you’re one of those ... Read More

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