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Consumer News Could Clicking On Google Search Results Cost You All Your Passwords Maybe%E2%80%A6 | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Consumer Investigation: Google it? Your search results might be scams!

When I googled “keto gummies,” the first results were ads, all of which were ... finding the fakes in your Google search. Be wary when googling a product with which you’re unfamiliar. Read More

Google tests removing the News tab from search results

The News filter disappearing from Google search results for some users this week won't help publishers sleep any easier. Read More

Stop and think before you click that link! Bad Google results are increasing

Hey, it happens.  You do a quick Google search to find the hotel’s phone number, call the one at the top, and a representative answers right away. You give them your info, read off your card number, ... Read More

What should Google rank in Search when all the content sucks?

It's always easy to blame Google when your content doesn't rank. But maybe – just maybe – the problem isn't Google. It's you. Read More

Google: Sorry, We're Dumping Cached Page Views for Search Results

Google says the feature had outlived its original purpose. The company's official search liaison thinks Google should instead incorporate the Internet Archive's 'Wayback machine.' I've been with ... Read More

Google Search is not removing ‘News’ filter, despite frustrating recent tests

Google Search has long supported filtering search results into categories ... s just a test and that the “News” tab won’t be removed permanently. Whenever you do a Google search, you ... Read More

Google fully discontinues cache links in Search

TechSpot means tech analysis and advice you can trust. Read our ethics statement. In brief: Google's cached search results has joined ... for whatever reason (maybe your connection was being ... Read More

Consumer Alert: Having it your way could make you a millionaire

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Burger King is taking the slogan “have it your way ... Even if you don’t win, all entrants will get a coupon for a free whopper if you spend $1. Click here for more ... Read More

Consumer Reports: Do you need all-wheel drive?

If you want all-wheel drive for that sense of security… “Safety and peace of mind,” said Stephenson. Consumer ... are cost-effective ways or different ways of doing this where maybe the ... Read More

Google could be looking to reimagine Android's home screen Search widget

Google could ... the Search widget in any way. Got a tip? Talk to us! Email our staff at news@androidauthority.com. You can stay anonymous or get credit for the info, it's your choice. Read More

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