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Consumer News Inflation Slowed In April As Consumers Paid Less For Groceries | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Inflation slowed in April as consumers paid less for groceries

For the last 12 months, the U.S. inflation rate is 3.4 %. In April, the cost of food consumed away from home – mostly groceries – declined 0.2% ... Mark Huffman has been a consumer news reporter for ... Read More

US Economy News Today: Retail Sales Were Flat In April As Consumers Slowed Spending

She is the Economics Editor for news ... 7% since mid-April according to Freddie Mac. Those rates are tied to investor concerns about inflation, which turned sour at the outset of 2024 after a string ... Read More

Major retailers are offering summer deals to entice inflation-weary shoppers

Americans who spend Memorial Day scouting sales online and in stores may find more reasons to celebrate the return of warmer weather ... Read More

Here’s Why Americans Are Confused and Angry About the Economy

There’s plenty of data that says the economy is doing well but inflation still leaves consumers angry and frustrated. Read More

US consumer inflation eases slightly in April, sending stocks higher

US consumer inflation eased slightly last month, according to government data published Wednesday, in a positive sign for President Joe Biden ahead of November's election. Read More

Biden’s banking rules will fuel inflation, lawmakers say

The banking industry has pulled out all the stops in its fight against new regulations that it argues will raise consumer prices for utilities, groceries and housing — and its campaign is convincing ... Read More

Inflation Eats Up American Consumer’s Income, Grocery Store Items That Have Increased Most in Price

For most of the last three years, American consumers have been grappling with greater financial pressure from increased prices. Read More

Target and Walmart are changing the way people shop - and subscribing could actually cost you less

Americans are upping their online spending again - and paid ... Still, consumers spent $331.6 billion online from January 1 to April 30, up 7 percent from a year ago, Adobe said in a report this month ... Read More

More people make 'no-buy year' pledges as overspending or climate worries catch up with them

The self-imposed rules of a no-buy challenge are simple: participants pledge to stop buying non-essential items or impulse buys for a set amount of time, usually 12 months. Read More

Inflation still concerns New Orleanians, but economy might be better than you think

Many New Orleans consumers say they are still acutely aware of inflation when filling up vehicles, making groceries and when trying to buy or sell a house. But, some experts argue, the economy is ... Read More

Airlines, hotels, retailers fear being left out in Google's search changes

Lobbying groups representing airlines, hotels and retailers have urged European Union tech regulators to ensure that Google takes their views into account, and not just large intermediaries, when ... Read More

1 in 7 Gen Z credit card users are ‘maxed out’ — here are 3 ways to get out of debt

There’s never a good time to carry a credit card balance, but right now is arguably the worst time. Experts say there are solutions for those who feel trapped. Read More

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