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Consumer News Mcdonald%E2%80%99s Will Offer A %245 Meal Deal%2C At Least For A Limited Time | RobinsPost News & Noticias

McDonald’s will offer a $5 meal deal, at least for a limited time

Days after ConsumerAffairs reported that McDonald’s was working on adding a $5 value meal to consumers who’re fed up with high prices, the fast food titan’ ... Read More

McDonald's Is Dropping a Limited-Time $5 Meal Deal — Here's What You Can Get

After years of rising prices, which led to inflation-induced frustration by customers, McDonald's says it's rolling out a $5 combo meal ... weary consumer. However, here's that catch we were talking ... Read More

Retailers roll out summer deals for inflation-weary consumers. Here's where.

Americans who spend Memorial Day scouting sales online and in stores may find more reasons to celebrate the return of warmer weather. Read More

McDonald's plans $5 US meal deal next month to counter customer frustration over high prices

McDonald’s plans to introduce a $5 meal deal in the U.S. next month to counter slowing sales and customers’ frustration with high prices. The deal would let customers get a four-piece McNugget, small ... Read More

McDonald's: $18 Big Mac meal was 'exception,' news reports overstated price increases

Erlinger acknowledged that he and many franchisees were frustrated by a post on X last summer about a Big Mac meal in Connecticut that cost $18, calling the price “an exception.” He noted that ... Read More

Target, McDonald's and others are offering value as they lose ground with bargain hunters

Some businesses have held on to customers even with the same or higher prices: Chipotle and Sweetgreen, for example, have bucked the consumer slowdown. Read More

McDonald's menu hikes: McDouble up 168%, McChicken 200% in 10 years

McDonald's customers are shocked by nearly tripled prices over the past decade, with the McDouble up 168% and the McChicken Sandwich up 199%, driven by higher food, labor, and operational costs. Read More

Wendy's will offer $3 breakfast deal, as rivals such as McDonald's test value meals to drive sales

Wendy's will offer a $3 breakfast combination meal deal, following a similar yet limited value meal option by McDonald's. Read More


“The consumer really has had enough of inflation ... as part of a promotion set to last through Labor Day. McDonald’s plans to introduce a limited-time $5 meal deal in the U.S. next month to counter ... Read More

These major retailers are dropping prices this summer to bring back shoppers

Target, Walmart and other chains have rolled out price cuts — some permanent, others temporary — with the stated aim of giving their customers some relief. Read More

This Map Will Show You Where All the Cheapest Big Macs Are Around America

Looking for a deal on your next Big Mac? Pantry and Larder's McCheapest map will show you exactly where to go. Read More

Secrets Of McDonald's You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Though it's seemingly everywhere, the McDonald's restaurant near you may have some intriguing secrets. Here are the ones you may wish you knew sooner. Read More

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