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Electric Car News How Electric Cars Work | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Why Are Electric Car Names So Bad?

Carmakers are all-in on electric options, but branding them has been a half-baked mashup of ideas. The chance to name a new car is precious, a billion-dollar branding exercise with decades of ... Read More

A Toyota EV drove 1,200 miles without stopping to charge thanks to electric roads with wireless charging

Electreon, an Israeli startup, builds special roads that can charge electric vehicles as they drive. Read More

Electric cars are better for the environment, no matter the power source

Many factors go into determining if electric cars are better for the environment than gasoline-fueled vehicles. Overall, EVs come out ahead. Read More

The One Thing Holding Back Electric Vehicles in America

Five years ago, when Bill Ferro would take a road trip in his electric BMW i3, he needed to be ready for anything. Driving from Boston to Charlotte meant bringing along a 50-foot extension cord; a ... Read More

What is a hybrid car? Here's how they work to lower emissions while you drive.

Hybrid cars are becoming a bigger part of the U.S. car market as the U.S. works to lower emissions. Here's how they work, including plug-in vehicles. Read More

To prevent outages, EU scientists want electric vehicles and the grid to talk

EU scientists are exploring how electric cars and smart grids across Europe can better communicate, in a bid to prevent power outages caused by millions of vehicles charging simultaneously. Read More

There’s No Electric Supercar On The Horizon For Pagani As They’re Too Heavy

Pagani has acknowledged that it will not introduce an all-electric vehicle anytime in the near future, despite it spending the last 5 years developing an electric hypercar. Read More

Do electric cars have a gender divide?

When it comes to starting an electric car company, female entrepreneurs across all industries are still facing limited access to investors and funding. Read More

Europe's electric future: How Norway came to lead the charge in the EV revolution

Nine in 10 new cars sold in the country are electric or hybrid, compared to less than half of those sold in the EU. What’s Norway’s secret? View on euronews ... Read More

Yes, it’s actually National E-bike Day. Here’s how an electric bike can benefit you

E-bikes are much more energy-efficient than conventional cars, using a fraction of the energy to travel the same distance. An average e-bike uses about 0.025 kWh per mile, whereas a traditional car ... Read More

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

Electric cars can cost hundreds of pounds less to charge per ... rate of just 16.7kWh/100km – this makes it the most efficient electric car you can currently buy new. It might have been among the ... Read More

The best electric cars of 2023

Buying a new car is a very personal thing, and electric cars are no exception to that ... That'll help you narrow things down and work out which EV is right for you. If you have a large family ... Read More

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