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Electric Car News After Losing Favor To Electric Cars, Plug In Hybrids Gain Ground | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Electric cars are better for the environment, no matter the power source

Many factors go into determining if electric cars are better for the environment than gasoline-fueled vehicles. Overall, EVs come out ahead. Read More

The cars that get you addicted to driving electric

Most plug-in hybrids ... their cars every night could easily spend almost all of their time running only on electricity. It also means that new EV adopters can get a mostly electric car, while ... Read More

Best plug-in hybrid cars of 2023

Though cheaper than a 100 per cent electric car, plug-in hybrids do come with a cost penalty ... Plug-in hybrid supercars are nothing new these days, but the majestic, magical Ferrari 296 GTB ... Read More

Electric cars losing their value twice as fast as petrol alternatives

Electric car owners are losing ... new petrol-powered BMW 3 series cost £32,000 on average three years ago but would sell for £22,360 now – a drop of just 30pc. Choose My Car said electric ... Read More

Porsche plug-in hybrid review, Mercedes electric vans, Stellantis battery plant: Today’s Car News

Mercedes reveals plans for an electric camper van. And one of Stellantis’ biggest EV battery plants is on hold. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. In a review of the 2024 Porsche ... Read More

Electric cars losing value twice as fast as petrol vehicles - drivers may lose £25,000

But, for some electric car owners, they could be seeing the value of their car depreciate at twice the rate of petrol cars. According to a new study, EVs on average will lose 51 percent of their ... Read More

VFACTS April 2023: Electric cars now outsell hybrids in Australia

Last calendar year, electric cars accounted for just 3.1 per cent of the total new-car ... ground in the second half of this year after ramping up production from this month. Meanwhile, demand for ... Read More

The Difference Between Electric and Electrified Vehicles

Hybrids are the most ... The advantages to fuel cell vehicles include much quicker refueling times than what’s needed to recharge a plug-in or battery-electric car. It also doesn’t rely ... Read More

Best hybrid cars in 2023

With the future looking so decidedly electric, is there a place for hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars in ... if you’re after the most reliable hybrid car. The Corolla and Yaris hybrids in our ... Read More

Best Hybrid Cars For 2023

Traditional hybrids, like the original Prius, give reluctant EV and plug-in hybrid converts an ... but the combined gas-electric system makes a combined 208 horsepower. The gas engines use an ... Read More

Best hybrid cars for 2023

The best hybrid cars can be a good choice for drivers looking to save on fuel costs, but who don’t want to plunge into the deep end with a fully battery-powered electric car ... the sale of all new ... Read More

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