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Electric Car News How To Score An Instant Rebate On A New Or Used Electric Car In California | RobinsPost News & Noticias

How to score an instant rebate on a new or used electric car in California

If your income isn’t too high, and the car or truck you plan to buy isn’t ultra-luxe, you could qualify for instant cash back of up to $7,500 for a new vehicle, or up to $4,000 for used. The deal ... Read More

Energy rebates: Santa Barbara opens applications for $1,000 direct payment for EV rebate

Santa Barbara, California, is encouraging residents to transition to cleaner modes of transportation by offering $1,000 through an electric vehicle rebate program. Read More

How do car rebates work — and how do you get one?

An auto rebate could save you the most money on your car overall, depending on how much the rebate covers. Even though you will pay interest on your loan, it will be interest on a lower amount. A 0 ... Read More

CT has an electric car problem. Here’s what’s driving delays, debate and new economic inequality.

The proposed new regulations were derailed, can the state legislature the future path for electric vehicles in the state in a fast-moving industry that is being driven by market forces. Read More

How much is an electric car?

However, there are federal and state EV tax credits that can defray these higher upfront costs for electric vehicles. Along with incentives ... new and used EVs to help buyers find the electric ... Read More

How and why to turn your electric car into a mobile power plant

California, for example, is routinely impacted by blackouts from wildfires and heat waves. A quarter of new car sales in the state are now electric ... in the past were used at the point they ... Read More

Charging electric cars could be a lot easier with this new tech Detroit is testing to restore on the go

Detroit is the first in the nation to implement a new technology that allows electric vehicles to charge while they drive. The technology is currently being tested. Read More

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