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Electric Car News Despite Temporary Dip In Sales, Electric Cars Are The Vehicles Of The Future | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Despite temporary dip in sales, electric cars are the vehicles of the future

While global EV sales growth reached 33.5% in 2023 compared to the previous year, experts predict that it will only hover around the 10% mark in 2024. Reflecting these projections, Tesla's stock price ... Read More

The slowdown in U.S. electric vehicle sales looks more like a blip

For every sign of an EV slowdown, another suggests an adolescent industry on the verge of its next growth spurt. Read More

Donald Trump Vows To Stop All Electric Car Sales, But He Definitely Can't

Former United States President Donald J. Trump, currently facing 34 felony counts in criminal court, is campaigning for re-election this fall by taking shots at the increasingly popular electric car ... Read More

Electric vehicles among all top winners in AAA car buying guide

In the U.S., electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular and more affordable. EVs made up 18% of all cars sold in 2023. Read More

The Vibes Lie: Electric Vehicles Accelerate Toward 50% Of Global Sales

Salesman showing new ... electric-car-sales-by-region-2021-2024, License: CC BY 4.0 New car sales eventually turn over entire fleets, and the IEA projects that by 2030 EVs will compose 33% of all ... Read More

Irish electric car purchases dip again, as diesel sales rise

The total number of used vehicles ... Future of the Car Summit this week. Sales of new electric cars are down 14.2 per cent in the first three months of 2024 compared with last year, despite ... Read More

Car Dealers Express Doubt About Rapid Adoption of Electric Vehicles Despite Government Mandates

American car dealers are not optimistic about the future of electric vehicles, according to a new survey, as those on the ground responsible for selling the cars ... all this despite President Biden’s ... Read More

The Future of Electric Cars Hinges on a Dongle

So much about the adoption of electric vehicles in America ... would mean cheaper electric cars. But that is still well into the future. For now, every gas-burning car purchased could spew planet ... Read More

Hot, New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon

Fiat is positioning the new 500e as a stylish city car rather than a cheap runabout, and as such we expect the cars ... Platform Electric (PPE) chassis, which will be used for future models. Read More

Latest Auto News & Reviews

The Mini has always been a happy car, and the new 2025 Mini Cooper SE is no exception ... love to do a couple of things – find amazing vehicles that anyone would be proud to own, and then ... Read More

Despite temporary dip in sales, electric cars are the vehicles of the future

Concerns have been raised about a slowdown in the growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market but make no mistake the future ... EV sales is hitting hard. Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles ... Read More

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