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Electric Car News Electric Cars Once Ruled The Road In 1910 Yes, Before Gas Powered Revolution | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Electric cars once ruled the road ... in 1910? Yes, before gas-powered revolution

Two years after Brown, Jefferson and Harvey visited the resort, there were enough cars in Rehoboth for L. T. Carmine to offer “Gasoline, Oils and Repairing” at the Rehoboth Garage on Rehoboth Avenue ... Read More

GM CEO Says Electric Car Issues Are 'Absolutely' In The Past

We'll see, won't we? Plus, Kia also ups its hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, and we look at what went wrong with Mercedes' EV push. Read More

New DOT Safety Rule Will Save Electric Car Drivers’ Lives

The ruling will make electric cars, which can shrug off accidents that would stop gas cars, a great deal safer. It will also reduce accidents with other vehicles and massively reduce the number of ... Read More

Electric Cars and Plug-In Hybrids That Qualify for Federal Tax Credits

If you’re thinking about buying an electric car or a ... equipped gas-powered version of the same vehicle, or $7,500—whichever is lowest. • Starting in 2024, vehicles with battery components ... Read More

Auto industry experts warn Biden's EV mandate may limit gas car options in the future

President Biden's recent remarks about Americans being able to choose any car they want clash with his EPA's new stringent emissions standards, critics say. Read More

The electric car revolution is on track, says IEA

The data “does not at all show a reverse of the growth of electric cars. It shows an extremely robust increase of global electric car ... EV revolution appears to be gearing up for a new phase ... Read More

Fake engine noises in electric cars need to die

You finally get that notification that the electric ... a gas-powered vehicle and wanting to simulate that in your shiny new EV. You do you — you can pretend you’re driving a race car all ... Read More

Hot, New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon

Fiat is positioning the new 500e as a stylish city car rather than a cheap runabout, and as such we expect the cars ... as both a gas-only and electric car. The base Cooper E is powered by a ... Read More

Fastest electric cars of 2024

Electric supercars are the new speed ... winner of CAR magazine’s inaugural ‘most syllables in a vehicle’s name’ award – and it’s easily one of the fastest cars on the road. Read More

How Much Does Electric Car Insurance Cost?

Ford said that it deliberately kept the design of the F-150 Lightning similar to the gas-powered F-150 to reduce the cost of the truck — and that likely contributes to lower repair costs as well. Car ... Read More

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