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Health Insurance News Accused Seller Of %E2%80%98sham%E2%80%99 Health Insurance Paid %24100 Million For Consumer Refunds Before Seeking Bankruptcy Protection | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Executives of telehealth company accused of fraud that gave easy access to addictive Adderall drug

Top executives at a California telemedicine company were arrested for allegedly distributing Adderall online and conspiring to commit health care fraud through reimbursements for the medication ... Read More

Health News

A near-total abortion ban was defeated in South Carolina with the help of the only three Republican women in the Senate, and now they’re losing their election bids A new report has for the first ... Read More

Pittsburgh Health Insurance News

Steel Nation, Inc. is a Pennsylvania Corporation working primarily in the Energy Sectors of the… Moody and Associates, Inc. (Moody) is a privately held company ... Read More

Oscar Health To Double Insurer’s Market Reach

Oscar Health is doubling its “market footprint” over the next three years to grow its business selling individual health insurance known as Obamacare. Read More

Health Insurance

A Reddit user is being backed for refusing to add her boyfriend's son to her employer-sponsored insurance plan. Keith told Newsweek: "My reaction when I got the bill was not very worried initially ... Read More

Hospital to Union: Pay Up or You’re Stuck With Us in Your Health Plan

Peter Goldberger, who leads a major union benefits fund, was on the verge of completing a new health-insurance deal with Aetna to cover its 210,000 members. Then he learned the union fund would ... Read More

Health Insurance News and Research

President Joe Biden's reelection campaign wants voters to contrast his record on health care policy with his predecessor's. A study in Obstetrics & Gynecology finds that antenatal COVID-19 ... Read More

Our health insurance ratings methodology

We evaluated 129 health insurance companies by weighing key factors of top health insurance plans and scoring the following metrics. We analyzed more than 864 Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace ... Read More

A Guide to Seller-Paid Mortgage Rate Buydowns

Homebuilders and sellers may offer mortgage rate buydowns as an incentive to attract buyers to their listing. There are two types of rate buydowns: temporary, which last for the first few years of ... Read More

Sexual Health News

June 12, 2023 — Women who used combined contraceptive pills were at greater risk of developing depression than women who did not, according to a new study. Contraceptive pills increased women's ... Read More

Teen Health News

May 29, 2024 — While older drugs for epilepsy, taken while pregnant, have been shown in previous research to affect the creative thinking of children, a new study finds no effects on creativity ... Read More

Health Insurance

Patients often incur multiple expenses during hospitalisation such as diagnostic tests, doctor consultations and medicines. Likewise, several expenses may arise post-hospitalisation, too. Read More

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