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Health Insurance News What Is Supplemental Health Insurance | RobinsPost News & Noticias

What Is Supplemental Health Insurance?

Supplemental health insurance can help pay for expenses not fully covered by your health insurance plan within certain limits. Read More

Planning to buy top-up health insurance? Here are factors to consider

A top-up is a type of health insurance policy that provides additional coverage for medical expenses at an affordable premium ... Read More

Health Insurance Coverage Projections For The US Population And Sources Of Coverage, By Age, 2024–34

Estimates for each source of health insurance exclude people with supplemental or partial coverage that, on its own, would not provide financial protection against major medical expenses and thus ... Read More

Participation in high-deductible health plans is highest among Generation Z, a new Benefitfocus report finds

3. 1Q 2024 Voya Financial Fact Sheet. Through its insurance companies, Voya is a leading provider of supplemental health insurance in the U.S. and offers a comprehensive and highly flexible portfolio ... Read More

Older Americans worry they can’t afford their own health care

Rising health care costs are fueling anxiety among older Americans covered by Medicare. They’re right to be concerned. Read More

More Americans have health insurance than pre-pandemic

The number of Americans without health insurance dropped by about a fourth from 2019 to 2023, US health researchers said, as the government tried to bolster coverage during and after the Covid-19 ... Read More

Insurance and financial resources for ALS treatment

Financial planning can help with managing expenses related to living with ALS so you can focus on your health and well-being. Working with a financial adviser or navigator can help with finding health ... Read More

Medicare vs. private insurance: How do costs and benefits compare?

People looking for health insurance can choose between ... Advantage typically need to visit in-network doctors. Medigap is an insurance policy offered by private companies. It helps fill the ... Read More

What Is Life Insurance?

In exchange for a monthly premium, a life insurance ... health, lifestyle, and life expectancy to calculate your premiums. Tanza Loudenback Tanza is a CFP® professional and former correspondent for ... Read More

Here's why health insurance coverage and access to care is in flux for many in Texas

A look into how three complicated, and currently unfolding, situations could impact Texans' access to healthcare and health insurance coverage in the near future. Read More

Florida and Arizona diverge on how to expand children’s health insurance

Both states want to expand eligibility for the CHIP, but their approaches to charging low-income families premiums for the coverage showcase the nation’s ideological divide on helping the ... Read More

Does my company insurance work with Medicare?

I am 67 and have group health insurance through my current employer, with a high deductible. My question is, should I have also enrolled in Medicare, even though I am still working? If so, who pays my ... Read More

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