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Politics Today News Election 2020 Today Trump S Longshot Biden S Historic Mark | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Why Joe Biden's presidency has been so surprising in the first 100 days

Where's the chatty, centrist "Uncle Joe" we knew? As president, he's talked less and proposed bolder policies, from climate to the economy. Read More

As Trump seizes on Arizona ballot audit, election officials fear partisan vote counts could be the norm in future elections

The GOP-backed recount of Maricopa County’s ballots has been criticized for abandoning state guidelines and allowing the rules to be set by a private contractor who promoted claims that the election ... Read More

Biden's 100-Days Bet: Big Government Can Win the Post-Trump Moment

That vision of government has been at the heart of Biden’s first 100 days in office. He has pumped nearly $1.9 trillion into the economy, more than any other President at this point in a first term, ... Read More

Biden restores presidential consultations that Trump dismissed

When President Joe Biden drops by Jimmy Carter's two-bedroom ranch house in Plains, Georgia, on Thursday -- a pilgrimage to visit a man he vocally supported as a young senator ... Read More

Biden says he’s willing ‘to compromise’ with Republicans on infrastructure bill – as it happened

President meets with a bipartisan group of lawmakers and says ‘I am prepared to compromise’ ... Read More

The Hill's Morning Report - Biden address to Congress will dominate busy week

Welcome to The Hill’s Morning Report. Today is Monday! We get you up to speed on the most important developments in politics and policy, plus trends to watch. Alexis Simendinger ... Read More

As a candidate, Biden promised ‘results, not a revolution.’ Then covid changed everything.

By the time Biden ascended to the presidency, he was prepared to fundamentally overhaul the role of government in a nation battered by the coronavirus, racial inequity, economic woes and climate ... Read More

Biden's 100 days in office: How a border crisis escalated

As President Biden reaches the 100-day mark in office, one of the biggest issues facing his administration has been the rapidly worsening crisis at the southern border -- which critics have blamed on ... Read More

White House Defends Sticking With Refugee Cap Set by Trump Administration For Now

The Biden administration for months has promised to raise the refugee ceiling, but on Friday the president left the cap at 15,000. President Biden hosted a group of bipartisan lawmakers at the White ... Read More

Liberal push to expand Supreme Court is all but dead among Hill Dems

Supreme Court expansion was one of the left’s most galvanizing ideas during the 2020 Democratic primary. But the idea is going nowhere with sitting Democratic senators. “I don’t think the American ... Read More

Arizona election audit updates: Pause in recount appears off as Democrats won't post bond

Journalists were denied specific access to report or record the process. Republic reporters are inside the coliseum in Phoenix as volunteer observers. Read More

Arizona election auditors include those who touted voting fraud. Here are the key players

What we know about who is reviewing Maricopa County ballots and voter information as part of the Arizona Senate's audit of general election results. Read More

Politics Today News Election 2020 Today Trump S Longshot Biden S Historic Mark | RobinsPost News & Noticias

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