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Politics Today News How An Emboldened Far Right Is Changing French Politics | RobinsPost News & Noticias

French Far-right Monarchists Rally After Court Approval

Around 500 right-wing protesters marched in Paris on Sunday after a court reversed a police ban of the rally despite a government order to curtail far-right demonstrations. Read More

Politics latest news: Labour regains ‘commanding’ poll lead over Tories

Labour has now re-established a "commanding" double-digit poll lead over the Tories after a wobble just before the local elections which saw the margin tighten. Savanta polls conducted between April ... Read More

The face of cruel Britannia: who is the real Suella Braverman?

As the daughter of immigrants, the home secretary’s hostility to migrants can seem not only cruel but unfathomable. So what do those who know her best think makes her tick? Read More

Australia news live: wording of voice referendum ‘a stumbling block’ for some to vote yes, Julian Leeser says

Mind you, with inflation running at near three-decade highs, we would be disappointed to see that proportion not increase. Those reporting that their wages are increasing by 4-6% are now at 24.5%, ... Read More

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