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Politics Today News Biden S 80th Birthday Raises Questions About 2024 Political Viability | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Biden Stares Blankly At Press, Ignores Questions About 2024 Campaign (Video)

check out our editor-in-chief troy smith’s recent interview with roger stone below…. The post Biden Stares Blankly At Press, Ignores Questions About 2024 Campaign (Video) appeared first on Rare . Read More

News organizations urge Biden and Trump to commit to presidential debates during the 2024 campaign

Twelve news organizations have issued a joint statement calling on presumptive presidential nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump to agree to debates during the White House campaign. Read More

News organizations post open letter urging Biden and Trump to debate ahead of 2024 election

A dozen of the nation’s biggest news organizations posted an open letter Sunday, urging President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to participate in televised debates ahead of the 2024 ... Read More

Fox News Politics: Bidens under fire

Jim Biden's, or any other Biden family business deals. Today our witnesses have proved otherwise," Rep. Nancy Mace said at the conclusion of her questioning. The hearings got heated as Republicans ... Read More

Behind Closed Doors: James Biden's Deposition Raises More Questions Than Answers

Top Republican investigators said they found inconsistencies between James Biden's testimony and other witnesses in their impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Oversight Chair Comer said ... Read More

Race and Politics

Among white voters, President Biden has about as much support as he did four years ago, Nate Cohn, The Times’s chief political ... of politics, have written. Indeed, Democrats today particularly ... Read More

Unions, Democrats blast Biden’s proposed 2 percent raise for feds

President Biden's proposal for federal workers is less than ... after Biden proposed this week a paltry 2 percent average pay raise for the 2.2 million civilian workers that doesn’t keep up ... Read More

Obama, Clinton and big-name entertainers help Biden raise a record $26 million for his reelection

Clinton said simply of the choices facing voters in 2024: “Stay with what works.” Biden went straight at Donald Trump, saying his expected Republican rival’s ideas were “a little old and ... Read More

Legal experts raise alarm on President Biden's 'plan B' student loan handout

Legal experts interviewed by Fox News Digital are expressing concern that President Joe Biden's ongoing ... is a politics writer for Fox News Digital. Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign ... Read More

Biden’s no good, terrible news

Just as concerning for Team Biden, if the rematch for the White House were held today, Trump would defeat the incumbent in a landslide. That’s according to the latest polling average ... Read More

President Joe Biden

Biden is the 46th president of the United States and was sworn in on January 20, 2021. Advertisement In Scranton, his hometown, the president is expected to discuss the tax code in terms of ... Read More

Democrats hope Biden can ride the party’s special election wave: From the Politics Desk

Welcome to the online version of From the Politics Desk, an evening newsletter that brings you the NBC News Politics ... and Capitol Hill. In today’s edition, national political reporter ... Read More

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