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Politics Today News Starmer To Meet Macron In Paris As Thinktank Says Labour%E2%80%99s Proposed Brexit Renegotiation Might Not Be Worth It %E2%80%93 Uk Politics Live | RobinsPost News & Noticias

The Latest | Macron asks French prime minister to stay on for the sake of stability

French President Emmanuel Macron rejected the resignation of Prime Minister Gabriel Attal Monday, in the wake of a chaotic election result that left neither left, right, nor center with a majority in ... Read More

Macron Ends His Silence, Calling for ‘Broad Gathering’ That Would Split the Left

In an open letter to the French people, he rejects any role for the far left France Unbowed party, setting the stage for a heated showdown. Read More

France’s Shift to the Right Won’t Inhibit UK Ties, Starmer Says

The expected success of Marine Le Pen’s far-right National ... will be no obstacle to the UK’s ability to build closer ties with Europe, according to Keir Starmer, who polls suggest will ... Read More

France's unions call for protests to pressure Macron into naming leftist government

A leader of a major French union has called for mass demonstrations and possible strikes to pressure President Emmanuel Macron into “respecting the results” of recent legislative elections and allow a ... Read More

Andrew Neil mocks Macron as he lists 6 reasons why France is a complete mess right now

Although in Britain surveys of voter intentions suggest the left and the Labour ... politics in the UK. He wrote: "Some solace from France for those despairing at British politics; Macron’s ... Read More

'People are exhausted': Keir Starmer says election must 'return politics to force for good'

Sir Keir Starmer has told ITV News this week's general election is an opportunity to return politics ... attacks that Labour will increase taxes, Sir Keir insisted this would not be the case ... Read More

Paris Mayor Says French Politics Are Clouding Olympics

France had embodied the values of universal human rights through its history "which are very far from those successfully spread by the far-right in our country", Hidalgo added. The country will go ... Read More

The Eerie Silence Over Brexit

That point about Starmer is crucial. Before the 2019 election, he was Labour’s shadow Brexit spokesperson ... but usually not forever. That’s bad news for the 97 percent of Britons who ... Read More

Keir Starmer slams French for failing to stop more Channel migrant crossings

The Labour leader said we “need to improve” on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s £500m deal with Emmanuel Macron ... not been confirmed yet. This would take the number to have reached the UK ... Read More

Starmer’s Labour Eyes UK Planning Reform Blitz Within Weeks

Keir Starmer ... Labour Party wins the UK election next month, aimed at immediately boosting housebuilding in Britain as he seeks to deliver 1.5 million homes over five years. Starmer’s ... Read More

Sunak and Starmer clash over borders, tax and gender in BBC head-to-head debate

It’s always worth keeping track ... accusing Starmer of not being straight about plans for tax raises. Keir Starmer says he wants to "reset politics" if he becomes PM and return politics to ... Read More

OnPolitics: Biden’s debate debacle raises new questions among Democrats about whether he should bow out

Caren Bohan here, Executive Editor for Politics at ... As USA TODAY’s Susan Page wrote, “Sometimes it's hard to call a winner and loser in a debate. Not this time.” ... Read More

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