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Politics Today News Blue Collar Workers And Blue State Politics Don%E2%80%99t Mix Mulshine | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Can Trump Entice Unions into Puncturing Biden's Blue Wall?

And now, following the assassination attempt on Trump, that base could further galvanize around the former president and propel him to clear front-runner status.The Teamsters president is also slated ... Read More

Christine Flowers | Demonizing Our Blue Collar Values

I come from a long line of blue-collar people, proud Italians and Irish who were carpenters and cooks and iron workers, and in the case ... Unlike some political observers, I don’t really believe that ... Read More

The Blue-Collar Democrat Who Wants to Fix the Party’s Other Big Problem

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez flipped a rural red district to get to Congress. Now she wants to help her party do more of the same. Read More

Blue-collar steel town tries to dig out from day of infamy after Trump shooting

A city in Pennsylvania steel country is reeling from the Trump shooting. Residents are searching for answers and hope amid the chaos. Read More

Opinion: Some in a blue-collar job are just one injury away from homelessness

Most Americans make a living without taking a huge toll on our bodies, but millions of blue-collar workers depend ... You don’t know where it’s going. It’s like a face coming at you. He taught me, and ... Read More

Blue state residents are fleeing to red states for lower house prices: ‘Don’t Bring Your Politics,’ locals warn

America’s Republican-leaning red states are winning at drawing in new residents from blue states—but locals don’t like it ... changes in political dynamics.” Red-state Republicans might ... Read More

The blue collar industry that's booming across the country - and even provides training to help achieve a major life milestone

America's labor market may be cooling off, but one unexpected blue collar ... workers joining the field since last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Arizona is one state ... Read More

Blue-collar workers are using TikTok to showcase their work and bump up their earnings by £1million per year in latest trend

Lately, British blue-collar workers have been banking in on the money-making app, posting unexpectedly popular videos of different trades. A study from Bionic even found that tradespeople and ... Read More

Fox News Politics: The Gag Stays

The New York Court of Appeals on Tuesday rejected former President Trump’s bid to have the gag order against him lifted, citing that "no substantial constitutional question is directly involved. Read More

Political News

Goldinger told ABC News. Senior Congressional Correspondent Rachel Scott discusses what happened at the rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, before she was escorted out by Secret Service. Trump began ... Read More

Fox News Politics: Migrants Mocking Us

Social media is proving to be an essential tool for human smugglers illegally transporting migrants across the southern border; and the cash-hungry traffickers aren’t afraid to boast about their ... Read More

Mixed reaction from NSW blue-collar town of Muswellbrook

“The majority here are blue-collar workers ... is the NSW Political Reporter in The Australian’s Sydney bureau, based at parliament house. He joined the paper from News Corp Australia's ... Read More

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