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Politics Today News The Lies Are The Story In Today%E2%80%99s Politics | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Gen Z is watching political violence escalate in America. I'm worried for us.

Saturday was the darkest day in my memory of American politics. Young voters like me are watching as our leaders respond to this political climate. Read More

St. Johns County officials react to the shooting of former President Donald Trump

His campaign was pausing its political ... politics is discussed in the media and political campaigns. There’s a race to see who can harm someone's reputation the most instead of discussing the ... Read More

Morning Joe On Hold For Today, Will Broadcast Tomorrow

The decision was made to avoid a scenario in which one of the show’s stable of two dozen-plus guests might make an inappropriate comment on live television. Read More

Minutes after Trump shooting, misinformation started flying. Here are the facts

The attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump has spawned a wave of conjecture and speculation online. Read More

Where Our Current Moment of Political Violence Began

I did not let myself feel how scary it was at the RNC in Cleveland in 2016. Eight years later, it’s clear that it was a preview of the perilous moment we’re in now. Read More

Political lies: A tool, a tactic or a threat to democracy?

Lies have shaped politics since George Washington's cherry tree tale, but in today's democracy, deceit fuels division more than ever. Read More

Why the 'double haters' of 2024 are different: From the Politics Desk

an evening newsletter that brings you the NBC News Politics team’s latest reporting and analysis from the campaign trail, the White House and Capitol Hill. In today’s edition, senior political ... Read More

Opinion | The story behind the powerful photo of Trump that could change the country

Vucci told Bolies, “I shoot politics for a living ... for the Republican National Convention, which starts today in Milwaukee. What happened was, obviously, not expected. Yet the news networks were ... Read More

The US is now in a period of political violence and faces an important choice

The motivations of the gunman who opened fire at former President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania on Saturday are not known, but the incident comes at a time of political anger and anxiety in a country ... Read More

Trump shooting points to growing threats of political violence

The attack that wounded Donald Trump was another sign of what counterterrorism agencies are facing: a spectrum of homegrown extremists looking to strike out. Read More

Youth are the future of our politics

When youth hear the word "politics," they might think of heated debates, endless news cycles ... Decisions made today will impact us tomorrow. Whether it's climate change, education reform ... Read More

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