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Politics Today News Nikki Haley Says She Doesn%E2%80%99t Agree With Trump Calling Political Opponents %E2%80%98vermin%E2%80%99 | RobinsPost News & Noticias

Nikki Haley Says She’ll Stay In GOP Race Even If Trump Beats Her In South Carolina

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley doubled down Tuesday on her commitment to stay in the presidential race despite a string of losses and polls that show her heading for a bruising defeat in her ... Read More

Show her the money: Did Donald Trump’s threat deter Nikki Haley donors?

Sumter, S.C. – When Republican rival Nikki Haley refused to exit the 2024 presidential race after losing the New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump came after her. His move: put a chokehold on her money. Read More

Nikki Haley hasn’t yet won a GOP contest. But she’s vowing to keep fighting Donald Trump

Nikki Haley's allies are bracing for a big loss in her home state’s primary election in South Carolina on Saturday. Read More

'I feel no need to kiss the ring' of Trump, Haley says as she refuses to drop out

Nikki Haley is vowing to stay in the 2024 Republican primary race despite being rejected by voters in the few early states so far and continuing to trail Trump in polls ... Read More

Nikki Haley says challenging Trump is more important than ever

With just days to go before South Carolina's crucial Republican primary, Nikki Haley is making the case for her continued candidacy for the Republican nomination ... Read More

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