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National Politics

Local elected officials and advocacy groups are buoyed by signals that President Joe Biden will sign a declaration expanding the 346,177-acre San Gabriel Mountains National Monument by one-third ... Read More

Abortion is a winning issue for Democrats. But will it be decisive?: From the Politics Desk

There is no doubt that abortion is a motivating issue for Democrats. And supporting abortion rights is popular with the general electorate. But is it a winning issue in a straight ... Read More

The looming battle over the Democratic platform: From the Politics Desk

Plus, what's in store for House Speaker Mike Johnson as he heads to Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort to discuss "election integrity." ... Read More

New data reveals voters are shifting to this major political party ahead of heated 2024 rematch

A Pew Research Center analysis found that the gap between political party affiliation among Americans is narrowing ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Read More

The week in politics: Major legislative issues head for conference committee clash

The differing House and Senate plans were up for committee hearings midweek, but both were delayed for a third week in a row as the end of session looms ― particularly for those lawmakers facing ... Read More

Fox News Politics: Too much democracy

An internal memo showing panic within the Democratic Party over its "nonpartisan" voter registration efforts potentially helping former President Trump is drawing criticism from those who say the ... Read More

On Abortion, Trump Chose Politics Over Principles. Will It Matter?

With his video statement on Monday, Donald Trump laid bare how faulty a messenger he had always been for the anti-abortion cause. Read More

Arizona ruling puts abortion politics in the spotlight in battleground state

Abortion politics have been thrust into the spotlight in Arizona, where the state Supreme Court’s decision this week to revive a Civil War-era total abortion ban has sent Republicans scrambling to ... Read More

The Politics of a Steel Deal Hangs Over Biden’s Japan Summit

The president’s effort to court voters in crucial swing states is influencing economic and trade policy, and worrying longstanding allies. Read More

The partisan gap in U.S. politics continues to center heavily on age

This is probably one reason President Biden’s poll numbers with younger Americans are not particularly strong (especially relative to past years): There is less loyalty to the institution of the party ... Read More

O.J. Simpson’s defence was a harbinger of post-truth politics

Simpson’s grim story illuminates two enduring ills. Most obviously: racial division. Simpson was black; Brown and Goldman were white. The jury that acquitted Simpson was three-quarters black. The jury ... Read More

Why No Labels Is the Fyre Festival of Politics

The self-described centrist alternative to the two major parties failed spectacularly this year—but such a lavishly funded shakedown operation may not be dead for good. Read More

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