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Fox News Politics: A Bronx Tale

Welcome to Fox News’ Politics newsletter with the latest political news from Washington D.C. and updates from the 2024 campaign trail. It's been 40 years since a Republican nominee has carried New ... Read More

Biden campaign preps for a Trump trial verdict: From the Politics Desk

President Joe Biden has largely steered clear of former President Donald Trump’s legal woes. But with a verdict in the hush money trial coming as soon as next week, Biden’s campaign is exploring a ... Read More

WATCH: Politics Today for the week of May 12

On May 12, the episode of Politics Today on KAMR Local 4 News, Mya Clark reviewed multiple recent political developments and topics of interest in the Amarillo area. Read More

Get the latest New York City political news with the Inside NYC Politics newsletter

Keep up to date with City politics, elections and important decisions made by federal, state and local government officials by signing up for Inside NYC Politics, our weekly politics ... Read More

Barron Trump Attacked Relentlessly After Entering Politics

The teen's foray into politics has sparked a mixed reaction online, with Trump critics tirelessly trolling his youngest son. Read More

The week in politics: Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signs new gun bill. What will it do?

Gov. Bill Lee signed into law a new measure to block some people from purchasing a gun before they turn 25, one of the few measures to limit access to firearms the Tennessee General Assembly has ... Read More

Biden’s upcoming graduation speech roils Morehouse College, a center of Black politics and culture

President Joe Biden will have his most direct engagement with college students since the start of the Israel-Hamas war when he speaks at Morehouse College’s commencement. Read More

Minneapolis politics post-George Floyd: Four years later, what's changed?

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police, all eyes were on the city as a model of change. But did anything substantive happen? Read More

No OPRA news dump coming today

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “There is ACTUAL TRUTH to Pineys being incestuous, illiterate, mentally deficient, inbred imbeciles supposedly responsible for generations of morons and prostitutes.” — Former ... Read More

As Slovakia’s Prime Minister Remains Hospitalized, Politics Return to a Boil

Calls for unity after the shooting of Robert Fico last week have been largely ignored by the country’s politicians. Much of the tension has centered on a media law pushed by the government. Read More

‘We’ll see you at your house’: How fear and menace are transforming politics

One Friday last month, Jamie Raskin, a Democratic member of Congress from Maryland, spent a chunk of his day in court securing a protective order. Read More

'West Point' for Democratic operatives hired director who called terrorism the 'dream of politics'

The Arena, an organization partnered with the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's Onward Together, hired a "director" during the 2020 elections who shared that terrorism was "the dream ... Read More

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